Water technology company Whitewater to depoly intelligent water analytics system in Boulder, CO

Whitewater Technologies announced that its BlueBox system is being deployed in the city of Boulder, CO.

Tel Aviv, Israel, Oct. 29, 2012 -- Whitewater Technologies, a leading global technology provider of water network management solutions to utilities and industrials announced today that its BlueBoxTM system is being deployed in the city of Boulder, CO. The system deployed will support the continuous online monitoring of Boulder’s water treatment and distribution network. Boulder’s dedicated team of water professionals began a search for a software tool that could analyze continuous data feeds from online sensors and field devices in their network over six months ago, and is confident that by putting their trust in Whitewater they have made a choice that will enable them to improve decision making on their network, ultimately providing better levels of service to their customers, improving operating efficiency and assuring water quality and security.

The BlueBox is a sophisticated analytics software tool for water network monitoring enabling early detection of pipe bursts, water quality events, online equipment malfunctions, reducing falsepositive alarms and providing insights on chemicals and other resources consumed in drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment processes. The system drives operating efficiency, performance excellence, and improves water quality and customer service levels.

“This deal further strengthens our position in the water network monitoring market in the US. We are not only gaining the acceptance of the major metropolitan cities, but those serving medium to large populations as well. The effective use of data in real-time to provide insights allows for better decisions making, and in today’s world of smart cities, I see the BlueBox as an essential aspect of any modern water utility,” said Whitewater Technologies’ CEO, Dovev Lewinsohn, “We are happy to be working with the team from Boulder. They have a clear vision and strategy to utilize information technology to better serve their operations and provide their customers with the highest level of service possible.”

About Whitewater

Whitewater, established in 2006, by the vision of Ori Yogev, Whitewater chairman, set out to address the needs of water quality and security in an era of heightened awareness on critical infrastructure protection. We built a strong portfolio in contamination warning systems, event detection, and early warning toxicity bio-monitoring. Since then we have expanded our offerings to serve the needs of the entire organization, focusing on what could be improved by centralizing, synchronizing, analyzing and automating data arriving from the existing IT environment of these utilities and industrials. As the financial constraints of the municipal market tighten, the need for tools to increase operating efficiency and reduce the expenditure burden on operating budgets is evident. By focusing on driving efficiency through software solutions, Whitewater is now a leading player in the water network management market.


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