Pall to design, install municipal membrane water treatment system in Philippines

EAST HILLS, NY, June 8, 2009 -- Pall Corporation has won a $14.7 million municipal water contract for the design and installation of a Pall Aria integrated microfiltration (MF)/ reverse osmosis (RO) membrane water treatment system in Manila...

• 100 MLD Pall Aria™ integrated MF/RO membrane facility to provide drinking water for 800,000

EAST HILLS, NY, June 8, 2009 -- Pall Corporation, a global leader in filtration, separation and purification systems and technologies, announced today that it has won a $14.7 million municipal water contract for the design and installation of a Pall Aria™ integrated microfiltration (MF)/ reverse osmosis (RO) membrane water treatment system in Manila. The 100 MLD (million liters per day) project will be the Philippines' first large-scale membrane filtration plant and will establish Pall as a leader in membrane technology installation in Southeast Asia.

The project was awarded by Maynilad Water Services Inc., one of two privatized water concessionaires in Metro Manila, Philippines. The service coverage area of Maynilad, which serves a population of 8.9 million people, includes certain parts of the province of Cavite and the west service area of Metro Manila, the second most populous region in Southeast Asia.

Pall will provide project design, installation and management services to deliver a fully optimized desalination system utilizing MF and RO membrane technologies. The low maintenance, energy-efficient system will begin producing water that meets regulatory requirements in 2010.

The Manila plant will process brackish water from Laguna de Bay Lake, which is subject to severe seawater ingress and algal blooms, as well as exceptionally high turbidity due to tropical storm patterns. An existing concrete intake system will be re-engineered to divert water from the lake to the Pall system.

A new Pall subsidiary office will be established in Manila to provide customer support and training. The company will partner with Manila-based DMCI Holdings on the civil engineering and installation aspects of the project.

"The Maynilad water project will be the first world-class membrane plant in the Philippines, with the potential to expand capacity in the future," said Francis McKeever, vice president, Pall Water Processing Asia/Pacific. "This installation will combine Pall's membrane systems and expertise with low-cost engineering and execution from an indigenous partner, to affordably deliver membrane technology to this burgeoning area."

"The Maynilad plant will establish a model for the large-scale application of membrane filtration technology in Southeast Asia. Increased migration to cities places enormous stress on municipal water systems throughout the region, and creates an opportunity for Pall to provide systems that can be upgraded as the population increases," said Jeff Seibert, president, Pall Water Processing.

Pall is the leader in membrane technology solutions and, together with its long-term global partner Asahi Kasei, provides water treatment systems for large and small municipalities and industrial customers worldwide. In addition to serving the $6 billion municipal water market, Pall's filtration technology is increasingly becoming a critical step in treating water for a wide range of industrial applications. This includes intake and process water for food, beverage, chemical, oil, gas, power and semiconductor production, among others. Pall's technology enables businesses to conserve and reuse water, and to restore wastewater to environmentally safe levels before discharge.

Pall Corporation is the global leader in the field of filtration, separation and purification.


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