Panton McLeod renews tank, reservoir cleaning contract with Severn Trent

July 22, 2009 -- Panton McLeod has renewed its contract to clean underground water tanks and reservoirs for Severn Trent Water for another two years...

July 22, 2009 -- Panton McLeod, the UK's leading water quality engineering company, has been celebrating after its contract to continue cleaning underground water tanks and reservoirs for Severn Trent Water was renewed for another two years.

The firm, which repairs, inspects and cleans structures used to store potable drinking water across the UK, was awarded a five year contract by Severn Trent Water in 2007 -- although the deal is appraised regularly to ensure cleaning obligations are carried out to the highest standards.

Following another successful year, Panton McLeod was rewarded for its hard work by having the contract renewed for the next 24 months.

Operations Director Paul Henderson, said: "Although we were awarded a five-year contract with Severn Trent Water, there is no chance for complacency or for us to rest on our laurels, as this work is reviewed every year.

"This means that we always have to ensure that we strive for the best results and continue to implement the highest-possible standards when carrying out our specialist work.

"Our work with Severn Trent Water is one of our major UK contracts, so we are delighted to have been approved for another 24 months. We have been providing specialist cleaning services for them over many years and have held a framework agreement with them since 1999, so we will strive to continue this high standard of service.

"We're continually expanding our range of services to provide the best value for our clients, so we look forward to offering even more of our expertise to Severn Trent Water over the next 24 months and beyond."

Panton McLeod currently provides routine cleaning and disinfection for Severn Trent Water's network of service reservoirs -- which are huge underground water tanks that are connected to tens of thousands of households across the region.

The firm also carries out minor repair work on the water tanks and is on standby to respond to emergency contamination of the region's water supply.

The company has also pioneered the use of remotely-operated robots -- the VR600 and ROV -- which are deployed to clean and inspect water tanks while they are still active, in order to minimize disruption to customers' supplies.

The VR600 robot is a large-tracked machine that is maneuvered along the floor of a service reservoir and cleans away any sediment or impurities in the water. It can also be used to inspect the condition of the water tanks, including checking the walls and pipe work for corrosion or damage.

The ROV unit is a smaller robot that can be maneuvered like a submarine through the water in a service reservoir. It is used to inspect the interior of the tank and check for damage or leaks.

The ROV was also recently used within Severn Trent Water to monitor a live breakthrough into a reservoir wall valve, which was performed by a specialist drilling team while the facility was still in service. Video footage captured by the ROV unit was passed onto the drilling crew, who admitted it was the first time they had seen such images of their work from inside a live reservoir.

Both machines are remotely operated and fitted with camera and lighting equipment, which allows staff controlling the sub to assess the interior of the tanks. They are also used solely within clean potable water environments and meticulously cleaned and disinfected prior to every use to ensure they can be safely used in the public water supply, and Panton McLeod conducts rigorous tests before and after each inspection.

The company currently operates from two bases in the UK -- in the Scottish Borders and Nottingham -- and carries out work for some of the country's leading water companies.

Panton McLeod also has a separate division in the United States, Panton McLeod Americas, which it hopes will help revolutionize the way water facilities are cleaned throughout the North American continent.


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