GF Piping magmeter solves flow measurement issues for Florida water park

GF Piping Systems installed its Signet insertion magmeters at the Wet-N-Wild Water Park in Orlando to solve its ongoing water monitoring problems and provide accurate, trouble-free water flow measurement...

TUSTIN, CA, March 17, 2006 -- Wet-N-Wild Water Park in Orlando, FL, is a water amusement park with water slides, a wave pool, and a mechanical skiing facility. Water flow is monitored to all of the water slides in the facility. Return water is also monitored to filtration systems in 4 to 8" diameter PVC pipe lines.

The technical operators at Wet-N-Wild consistently experienced flow measurement problems using the Model 515 paddlewheel flow sensors because of the hair content in water, especially in return water lines. Hair wrapping around the shaft and rotor caused continual problems with the paddlewheel flow sensors originally installed at the facility.

To solve this problem, the paddlewheels were replaced with the GF Piping's Signet 2550 insertion magmeter, an electro-magnetic style of flow sensor. The magmeters are reported to be functioning much better than the paddlewheels because they aren't affected by hair strands, and provide accurate, trouble-free readings to a central display panel. According to Bill Hamilton at Wet-N-Wild, the insertion magmeter "solved a long-standing problem of water flow measurement on our large slides."

The magmeter is especially intended for these types of applications where there's a high concentration of particulates. Uniquely designed with no moving parts to wear or foul, the flow sensor virtually eliminates maintenance and its associated costs. Other features include easy maintenance, local display, and state of the art microprocessor technology.

As budget allows, the Wet-N-Wild facility plans to replace all paddlewheel sensors with the 2550 magmeters. An alternative solution which may be considered is GF Piping's Signet 2551 insertion magmeter, a new unit that allows direct retrofit of the paddlewheel sensor without requiring piping changes.

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