PMSL's HALO biological system wins business achievement award

From a large number of submissions, the HALO System from Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd. was voted on and awarded the Environmental Business Journal's 2005 Business Achievement Award for technical merit. The latest advancement in oxidation ditch technology, it incorporates four separate technology choices to optimize the biological treatment of municipal wastewater...

PALMYRA, PA, Jan. 23, 2006 -- The latest advancement in oxidation ditch technology, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd.'s HALO System, incorporates four separate technology choices to optimize the biological treatment of municipal wastewater. By offering brush rotor, diffused air, directional aeration, and low-speed surface aeration, PMSL becomes the first company to offer all major forms of aeration with indifference to method. Ditch operators can now make an informed choice that fits the exact application requirements.

Using the HALO Matrix, derived from over 50 years of practical aeration experience, engineers are able to evaluate the benefits of each aeration method. Then the HALO Builder software models a true plant representation prior to construction. Customers can evaluate the resulting effluent produced by each alternative technology in order to make the most informed decision. New plant construction and existing plant upgrades are now able to be evaluated with industry aeration experts using the most complete data available. PMSL continues reducing risks and eliminating the unknowns through actual testing in the most comprehensive, full-scale aeration test lab available in the world.

These advancements in oxidation ditch modeling and process optimization led to PMSL's HALO System earning Environmental Business Journal's Business Achievement Award for Technical Merit in 2005. Judged by industry experts, these awards are highly coveted because they are bestowed by respected environmental experts for outstanding innovation and differentiation from other industry offerings.

PMSL ( has been a provider of service and support to the industrial mixing and aeration markets for over 50 years. Based in Palmyra, PA, it's one of the world's most experienced equipment and process optimization experts for chemical processing, wastewater biological treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, tank storage, special application mixing, flue-gas desulfurization (FGD), and other fluid mixing applications.


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