Norm Sendler of Ecosure to partner with Atlantium

Atlantium, the developer of Hydro-Optic Disinfection (HOD) systems, is pleased to announce that Norm Sendler of Ecosure, Inc. of Mesa, AZ, is now Atlantium's U.S. sales manager...

Seasoned water industry professional joins the developers of hydro-optic technology.

HAR TUV, Israel, June 22, 2006 -- Atlantium, the developer of Hydro-Optic Disinfection™ (HOD) systems, is pleased to announce that Norm Sendler of Ecosure, Inc. of Mesa, AZ, is now Atlantium's U.S. sales manager.

"I've been a part of this industry for 30 years, and it's very exciting to get in on the ground floor of bringing Atlantium's revolutionary technology to the United States," said Sendler. "Another amazing part of this is that Atlantium's 'out of the box' thinking results in a design and features that makes it almost seem like they coauthored the new Environmental Protection Agency's guidelines all the way through to the capacity for remote monitoring."

Atlantium's HOD technology is based on both ultraviolet light and advanced fiber-optic principles that guarantee a complete microbial kill. With installations across Europe and the Middle East, Atlantium's system is field-proven in several industries. The system is so powerful that one of its clients, Pinar, the largest food conglomerate in Turkey, replaced 75 UV bulbs with a single Atlantium unit at one of its fish hatcheries. The results were a reduction of antibiotic use by 90% while simultaneously significantly saving on operational costs and increasing its yields and profits.

Unlike conventional UV systems, Atlantium's unique design places a powerful medium-pressure, high-intensity UV light source outside the water behind a thick quartz window. Lamp replacement becomes simple, hardly requiring any down time as the water can continue to flow through the system. Separating the electrical mechanism from the wet water chamber generates no heat and virtually eliminates fouling; thus no cleaning is required. Atlantium's HOD technology also provides complete transparency and adjustability, monitoring the lamp output and the light in the water separately for greater accuracy, with its dual monitoring accessible both onsite and remotely, in line with the new EPA regulations.

"The potential for Atlantium's technology is huge in the U.S.," continues Sendler. "Anyone from municipalities to any industry requiring process water -- such as dairy, food, beverage, breweries, and aquaculture -- can all immediately benefit by installing this system. Atlantium's technology provides the closest thing we have to complete sterilization of water in a single application, offering companies huge long-term savings. This is definitely the right disinfection solution at the right time."

Atlantium is similarly enthusiastic about enlisting Sendler as its representative. "Norm's long experience and the respect he's garnered in the American market makes him the perfect match for facilitating our entry," says Oded Rose, Atlantium's Executive Vice President for Marketing and Business Development. "With the benefit of his experience and wisdom, we believe we can soon replicate the successes we've had in other parts of the world and help American companies comply with the new EPA regulations."

Atlantium ( develops and supplies advanced innovative water disinfection solutions for a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications. Established in 2003, Atlantium has introduced a patented Hydro-Optic Disinfection (HOD) technology. HOD systems leverage advanced technologies and fiber-optic principles to achieve cost-effective, environmentally friendly and field-proven primary disinfection solutions with unmatched bacterial disinfection results. Atlantium's advanced water disinfection solutions meet the growing needs of global industrial and domestic water consumption and comply with new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations.


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