In-Pipe, Suffolk County awarded funding to demonstrate wastewater treatment technology

Costs for running drinking and waste water systems approach a third of a municipality's energy bill. With today's high energy costs, economic impact on nation is formidable. The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority issued a grant to In-Pipe Technology to demonstrate a remedy at two municipal wastewater treatment plants. Chicago-area In-Pipe has patented technology to pre-treat wastewater while in sewer collection systems to cut operating costs and extend infrastructure life...

Examining the energy, environmental and economic benefits of In-Pipe Technology at municipal wastewater treatment plants.

WHEATON, IL, June 28, 2006 -- In-Pipe Technology, a provider of engineered services for wastewater treatment, today announced the demonstration of its technology at Suffolk County, NY, the recipient of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) award. In-Pipe Technology will be tested at two Suffolk County wastewater treatment facilities through funding provided by NYSERDA upon approval of final plan.

Peter R. Smith, President and CEO of NYSERDA said, "As energy costs and pressures on our nation's aging wastewater infrastructure continue to mount, NYSERDA offers financial assistance and technical assistance in New York State to help test, demonstrate, and deploy innovative, cost-effective wastewater treatment technologies."

Under NYSERDA's Municipal Water and Wastewater Technologies Program projects demonstrating energy, environmental and economic benefits for municipal wastewater treatment plants in New York State are chosen competitively to receive funding. Suffolk County, partnering with In-Pipe Technology® was one of the recipients.

NYSERDA funding will provide assistance with the start-up, operation and evaluation of In-Pipe's technology at two facilities in Suffolk County, Long Island. These facilities face challenges similar to many others around the country: meeting stringent effluent compliance standards with increasing wastewater flow and an aging infrastructure. As these facilities approach capacity, they are confronted with escalating operating costs and demands for new capital equipment and construction, funded by taxpayers.

"We are honored to be working with Suffolk County, a recipient of the NYSERDA financial incentive," said Dan Williamson, CEO of In-Pipe. "This opportunity is a natural fit for our technology, which turns the wastewater collection system into an active and highly productive part of the treatment process. In-Pipe's patented technology helps municipalities lower operating costs while expanding treatment capacity and extending infrastructure life, all without incurring additional capital expense or labor costs."

A particular interest of NYSERDA is to ascertain whether In-Pipe's solution can be replicated at other New York State municipal wastewater treatment sites once the evaluation is completed and the technology is proven to work successfully.

"If In-Pipe can demonstrate results in Suffolk County similar to those of its installations in other parts of the country, there are many plants throughout New York State that could benefit from this technology," said Ben Wright, P.E., Chief Engineer, Division of Sanitation, Suffolk County DPW.

After the experimental approach is approved, the demonstration will run continuously for a full year. Shortly thereafter, Suffolk County will issue a final report regarding the effectiveness of the technology and how it can be used at other locations in New York State.

Founded in 1999, In-Pipe Technology ( provides engineered wastewater treatment services that meet the escalating challenges facing today's municipalities. In-Pipe's patented technology helps customers achieve environmental compliance, limit noxious odors and corrosion, reduce the impact of fats, oils and greases, reduce operating costs and maximize the performance and life of the treatment infrastructure. It provides a comprehensive service without requiring new capital expenditures. With headquarters in Wheaton, IL, In-Pipe serves municipal wastewater treatment plants throughout the United States and abroad.


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