New England Tank, Aquastore take on a tight fit with quick turnaround

St. Albans, VT, installation of glass-fused-to-steel wastewater/sludge tank provides an example of a cost-effective and versatile use of a tank for wastewater treatment storage...

EAST SYRACUSE, NY, June 21, 2006 -- When the city of St. Albans, Vermont decided to move ahead with a second 1.38 million gallon tank for its wastewater treatment plant, it wanted to move quickly. The city chose to erect a twin to its original sludge storage tank, which was built in the mid-1980's as part of the original plant design. The engineers on the project contacted New England Tank, the authorized Aquastore Tank dealer based in East Syracuse, NY.

"To build the tanks we use a mechanical jack system which gives us the ability to build very close to an existing structure," said Peter Boccagna, sales representative for New England Tank. "Because no cranes were involved, the construction was quick, cost effective and safe. We were able to build the second tank within two feet of the existing freestanding staircase which allows access to both tanks."

Measuring at 101' diameter x 24', the city's second tank was installed eight years after the first. Mechanical jacks set on the tank floor allowed the top rings to be assembled first, with the rest of the tank following downward. Within just weeks, the city had a complete open top tank fitted with custom features. Now twenty years since the original low-maintenance Aquastore Tank was built, Chief Operator Brian Willett says, "We have never had to do anything to either tank. I wish the rest of the equipment at the plant was as reliable."

Aquastore Tanks offer a glass-fused-to-steel bolted design, which is versatile, corrosion-resistant and cost-effective for wastewater treatment storage. A bolted lap joint design allows rapid assembly, even in remote locations. The mechanical jack system used for installation ensures that tank construction is quick and safe (no cranes needed). Aquastore tanks perform dependably with minimal maintenance cost, and are available with several custom features, including expandability, custom platforms, stairs and the latest technology in coatings. For more information, see or


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