Applied Water Solutions, Konzen Group presents series of online seminars in Asia

On Nov. 28, they launched the first of a series of Water Purification Technology Online Seminars in Asia, presented by Chris Gallagher. The session, "Electrodeionization (EDI) Technology," brought together market leaders of semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical firms from Singapore and Malaysia. The second session in February woll focus on "Fundamentals for High Purity Water System Design." A 2-day seminar, "RO/EDI Technology for High Purity Water," also is set in Singapore in March 2007...

BURLINGTON, MA, & KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec. 7, 2006 -- On Nov. 28, Applied Water Solutions and Konzen Group launched the first session of a series of Water Purification Technology Online Seminars in Asia, presented by Chris Gallagher.

The first session about "Electrodeionization (EDI) Technology" brought together market leaders of Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical and Chemical companies from Singapore and Malaysia, to discuss essential factors for production such as Life of a Water System, System Design and Monitoring.

In the second session in February, Gallagher will present "Fundamentals for High Purity Water System Design" and case studies. In addition, Applied Water Solutions and Konzen Group will offer a 2-day Seminar about "RO/EDI Technology for High Purity Water" in Singapore in March 2007 designed for engineering firms, operations and facilities managers, utilities personnel, technicians and project managers.

Applied Water Solutions Inc. ( has over 30 combined years of experience supporting Membrane technology. The company is dedicated exclusively to solving the pure water needs of different industries, with deep understanding of the Pharmaceutical, Power and Semi-conductor industry requirements. Chris Gallagher, president of Applied Water Solutions, Inc. has broad experience in managing, manufacturing and designing separation and filtration systems within a wide range of industries. In addition, Chris has substantial experience trouble shooting, upgrading, testing and maintaining all types of EDI systems. He installed some of the first commercial EDI systems back in the 1980's, and since then has contributed to the growth and development of the technology. Chris has presented at numerous conferences and published technical articles in various trade journals.

Konzen ( has its headquarters in Singapore with its business and operations units spread across Malaysia and China. Konzen is an active key player in the Asian water arena. The company has a pool of qualified engineers with relevant experience in providing water and wastewater treatment technology to meet the requirements of the Semiconductor, Power, Petrochemicals, Palm Oil, Food and Beverage industry. It is the company's vision to be the premier company in water related industries for engineering design, contracting, supply and installation of systems and equipment in Asia and to be recognized for the quality products and services.The company has acquired patented technology in biological wastewater treatment (AnaEG® and BioAX®). The technical collaboration with Peking University/Gaia has facilitated Konzen with Rubbish Landfill Leachate treatment technology.


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