Cummins Power Generation recognized for leadership in diesel emissions technology

Cummins Power Generation has received the "2006 North American Diesel Engine Technology Leadership of the Year Award" from Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company. Cummins Power Generation and its parent, Cummins Inc., were cited for leadership in developing low-emissions diesel engines used in the company's extensive line of generator sets...

L-R Above: Robert Sheldon, Cummins Power Generation communications consultant; Jaime Queiroz, General Manager, Commercial Gensets, Americas, Cummins Power Generation; David Frigstad,CEO, Frost & Sullivan; Sean Milloy, VP, Chief Technology Officer, Engine Business, Cummins Inc.

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 20, 2006 -- Cummins Power Generation, a business unit of Cummins Inc., has received the "2006 North American Diesel Engine Technology Leadership of the Year Award" from Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company. In granting the national award, Frost & Sullivan noted it was in recognition of "impressive advancements and market leadership in emissions technology and [Cummins Power Generation's] presence as a major environmentally minded market participant."

Each year Frost & Sullivan presents the award to a company that has demonstrated excellence in technology leadership within their industry. According to the award citation, "Cummins Power Generation has demonstrated technology leadership by excelling in all stages of the technology life cycle -- incubation, adaptation, take-up and maturity -- to ensure a continuous flow of improvements."

As the first generator set manufacturer to offer EPA-compliant Tier 2 and Tier 3 products to the power generation marketplace, Cummins Power Generation has also helped educate customers about the complex emissions regulations affecting stationary and nonroad diesel engine-driven generator sets. The award cites the company's state-of-the-art in-cylinder emissions control strategies, which provide cleaner engine exhaust by preventing the formation of most oxides of nitrogen, particulate matter, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

Product platforms have already been developed for emissions-compliant diesel and spark-ignited generator sets that will meet regulations out to 2017. The parent company to Cummins Power Generation, Cummins Inc., has also developed vertically integrated subsidiaries to design, manufacture and service exhaust aftertreatment technologies that will be needed for advanced Tier 4 emissions compliance in the future.

Cummins Power Generation(, a subsidiary of Cummins Inc., is an industry leader in introducing advanced low-emissions power generation solutions around the world. With over 80 years' experience, the company's global distributor network delivers innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions for any power need -- commercial, industrial, recreational, emergency and residential. Products include alternators, generator-drive engines, and temporary or permanent pre-integrated power systems, combining generator sets and power control and transfer technologies. Services range from system design, project management, financing, and operation and maintenance contracts to development of turnkey power plants.


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