Koch Membrane Systems receives NSF 61 certification for NF, RO elements

Koch Membrane Systems' recently received certification of compliance with the NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for nanofiltration and reverse osmosis elements. These elements include the Fluid Systems TFC SR2, TFC-S, TFC-HR, TFC-XR and TFC-ULP spirals, in sizes from 8-inch to the 18-inch diameter MegaMagnum RO elements. Certification was provided by NSF International...

WILMINGTON, MA, April 12, 2006 -- Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS), a world-class developer and manufacturer of innovative membranes and membrane systems, has received certification of compliance with NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) elements. These elements include the FLUID SYSTEMS® TFC® SR®2, TFC-S, TFC-HR, TFC-XR and TFC-ULP® spirals, in sizes from 8-inch to the industry-leading 18-inch diameter MegaMagnum® RO elements. Certification was provided by NSF International.

The newly certified MegaMagnum elements provide significant economies of scale and reduced space requirements for water treatment facilities. A single 18-inch x 61-inch MegaMagnum spiral element contains 2,800 square feet of membrane surface area, compared to 400 square feet in commonly deployed 8-inch x 40-inch products. The number of elements used in a MegaMagnum system is one-seventh the number of elements needed to produce the same water quantity and quality at the same fouling rate in a standard system with 8-inch elements operating at similar fluxes and pressures.

The certified NF elements include both TFC-S "Softening" and TFC-SR2 "Selective Rejection" membrane types. Both membranes are effective in removing hardness, organics (i.e. disinfection by-product precursors) and color at low operating pressures. The SR2 membrane allows more monovalent ions to pass through the membrane, reducing brine concentration, osmotic pressure and operating pressure requirements.

The TFC-ULP element uses an "Ultra-Low Pressure," high rejection membrane for treating brackish water and is ideal for use in municipal drinking water applications where high permeate quality, low pressure operation, and the associated energy savings are primary considerations. The TFC-HR "High Rejection" membrane provides higher salt rejection and more fouling resistance than most low pressure RO membranes.

The TFC-XR element is an excellent choice for high purity water applications where silica and TOC removal are primary considerations, and in applications where high quality permeate is required from a high salinity brackish feed. Typically operating in the 250-450 psi range, the TFC-XR element is also an excellent replacement option for elements made from cellulose acetate (CA) membranes that usually require higher operating pressure.

KMS also offers a broad line of antiscalants and several cleaners that have been certified to NSF/ANSI standard 60. All chemical formulations are carefully reviewed by KMS process engineers and membrane and polymer scientists to ensure that they will provide enhanced performance benefits, including physical and chemical compatibility with KMS membranes. KOCHKLEEN® cleaners and storage solution, and KOCHTREAT® antiscalants help prolong membrane life and reduce cleaning cycle time.

For a complete listing of KMS membrane products certified as NSF 61 compliant, visit the NSF website: www.nsf.org/Certified/PwsComponents/Listings.asp?Company=1F760&Standard=061.

Koch Membrane Systems Inc. (www.kochmembrane.com) has been a global leader in separation and filtration products for more than 30 years. A designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art membrane cartridges and elements, as well as complete membrane systems, KMS products are specified for the most demanding applications. To enhance membrane performance, KMS offers a line of antiscalants and cleaning chemicals, and provides a wide range of maintenance and technical service programs. The company has supplied membranes for more than 15,000 systems installed around the world, serving the food processing, life sciences, and general manufacturing industries, as well as providing potable water and wastewater treatment technologies for communities of all sizes. Based in Wilmington, MA, it's a Koch Chemical Technology Group LLC company.


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