Sheboygan reservoirs win design award

HAUPPAUGE, NY, March 30, 2010 -- Preload Inc. announced that the prestressed concrete reservoirs constructed for the City of Sheboygan earned a 2009 Decorative Concrete Design Award...

Pennwell web 300 225
Pennwell web 300 225
Two 3.0 MG water storage reservoirs, City of Sheboygan, WI.

HAUPPAUGE, NY, March 30, 2010 -- Preload Inc. is pleased to announce that the prestressed concrete reservoirs constructed for the City of Sheboygan earned a 2009 Decorative Concrete Design Award.

The awards are a part of a prestigious program showcasing best uses of ready-mixed concrete in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula (UP). The Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association (WRMCA), GeoTest Inc., Sika Corporation, and the Wisconsin Chapter of ACI International cosponsored the bi-annual awards, now entering its 30th year. A distinguished panel of Wisconsin/UP educators and construction professionals determined award winners.

The Excellence Imagined themed Concrete Design Award Ceremony took place on Friday, March 5, 2010 at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells.

Construction of two prestressed concrete water tanks began in April 2007 with site excavation and the placement of a mud slab to create a casting bed for the tilt up panels.

The two large cast-in-place concrete bases were pumped into place and a truss screed was used to cast the floors. The concrete bases are reinforced with steel that is tied in place. Pencil type vibrators assisted the consolidation of the concrete. After the concrete bases were placed, they were wet cured for 28 days to achieve maximum strength and low shrinkage.

The precast walls were constructed horizontally with steel diaphragms creating watertight containment. The concrete was placed directly from the truck into the wall forms. Water/cement ratios needed to be kept to a minimum as the tanks are designed without a waterproofing liner. When the concrete slump needed to be adjusted on the site, a high range water reducer was added.

Two days of cure time was given to each wall panel when another was cast directly on top of the prior panel. The rebar in the wall panels is for the most part there to aid in lifting the panels by crane.

Specified 28 day concrete strengths were achieved in 7 days. The wall panels were lifted by crane into place and wood bracing was constructed to assist as temporary support. After the walls were lifted into place, the entire structure was bound by 17 layers of #9 wire, which was wound around the tanks from bottom to top totaling 7 miles of wire.

The cast-in-place roof, which ranges from 14 inches thick around the perimeter to 4 inches thick at center, was pumped into place.

Six million gallons of clean water are now held in the reserve thanks to ready mixed concrete all cast on the jobsite. The project shows that cast-in-place concrete has many benefits including cost effective construction.

Project construction team members included:

• Owner: City of Sheboygan
• Ready Mix Supplier: Van Der Vaart Inc.
• Contractor: Preload Inc.
• Engineer: Donohue & Associates Inc.

The Wisconsin Chapter of the American Concrete Institute works statewide to develop, share, and disseminate knowledge and information needed to utilize concrete to its fullest potential.

The Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association (WRMCA) is a statewide trade association consisting of ready-mixed concrete producer and associate members throughout the state and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Its mission is to advance the ready-mix industry through legislative action, promotion, and education. Van Der Vaart is a proud and active member of the WRMCA.

Preload Inc. designs and constructs prestressed concrete tanks used for water, wastewater, chilled water and chemical storage facilities. Preload tanks are built to AWWA D110, Type III Standard for Circular Wire-Wound Prestressed Concrete Water Tanks. Web:


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