Toray establishes sales, service and manufacturing capacity in the Americas

Toray and GE Water & Process Technologies agree to dissolve Toray Membrane America (TMA) joint venture, based in Watertown, MA, created by Toray, Ionics Inc. and Mitsui in 2000, as of July 1. In its place, Toray announced merger of its TMA operations with Toray Membrane USA Inc. and a new manufacturing plant for its reverse osmosis membrane elements in Poway, CA. The new facility, dubbed "Building 1," is comprised of a small office complex and 60,000 square feet of manufacturing floor-space...

Toray and GE Water & Process Technologies agree to dissolve Toray Membrane America (TMA) joint venture effective July 1

POWAY, CA, March 16, 2007 -- In 2000, Toray Industries of Japan, Mitsui and Ionics Inc. (now part of GE Water & Process Technologies) formed a joint venture to manufacture and distribute spiral wound elements using Toray sheet membrane. Toray Industries of Japan is the majority owner at 51%. The JV is located in Watertown, MA, and is primarily focused on serving the Americas.

All partners have had a good working relationship over the past six years. The JV has diligently moved to gain market share in the reverse osmosis membrane market, having unique success in seawater desalination. The decision to dissolve the JV was amicable with all parties in agreement. The final day of the JV will be June 30, 2007 and until then TMA manufacturing in Watertown will continue to operate on a "business as usual" basis producing Toray elements for existing clients and projects.

Toray Industries has established Toray Membrane USA Inc. (TMUS) in Poway, CA, near San Diego. TMUS is 100% owned by Toray and is run by CEO Randy Truby. Mr. Truby is also chairman of Toray's Global Sales and Marketing Team for the international membrane business. He has been in the membrane industry since 1969 and is a past president of the International Desalination Association (IDA), currently serving as treasurer. Additionally, he's chairman of the Board of Directors for the Affordable Desalination Collaboration (ADC).

Toray (TMUS) Adds Two Separate Facilities in Poway, CA
Manufacturing Capacity (Building 1)

Toray is proud to announce the opening of a new manufacturing plant for its reverse osmosis membrane elements in Poway. The new facility, dubbed "Building 1", sits on a 2 acre plot in the Poway Business Park and is comprised of a small office complex and approximately 60,000 (expandable) square feet of manufacturing floor-space.

Toray's patented automated rolling machines (called "auto-winders") are being installed and will be responsible for the majority of products made at the new facility. The first membrane element is expected to roll off the line in early May of this year. The eventual 8"x40" membrane element manufacturing capacity of the plant is estimated to be 200,000 pieces per year, with the ability to produce 4"x40", 16"x40", and various other special products included. This represents a significant increase in Toray's worldwide manufacturing capacity.

Building 1 will be overseen by Steven J. Cappos, who is the chief operating officer of Toray Membrane USA Inc. Gabriel Juarez has been hired as the general manager of operations and Clifford McKenzie has been hired as the general manager of Manufacturing. These three men have a combined 65 years of experience in the reverse osmosis manufacturing industry and Toray is certain that its new facility is in good hands.

Sales and Service Team (Building 2)
Toray's membrane sales, marketing, and service personnel stationed in California for the last six years have operated under the TMA name. Prior to dissolution of the JV this group will be merged with the TMUS sales, marketing, and service personnel. Toray will continue to add experienced human resources to improve sales and service coverage and add offices in the USA.

When the TMA and TMUS personnel are merged the group will consist of ten professionals: Terry Smith, Lynne Gulizia, Rick Chacon, Peter Metcalfe, Warren Casey, John Buonassisi, Dan Muff, Debbie Moore, Lee Durham, and Victor Verbeek. The staff Toray has assembled to represent all of Toray's membrane products in the Americas has extensive experience and a history of success.

Toray has previously announced and re-confirms its intention to capture the global market share lead in the membrane business over the next few years. Toray intends to triple sales of its membrane and water treatment products during this period.

Toray Membrane USA Inc. ( is a unit of Toray Industries of Japan. It's based in Poway, CA, near San Diego.


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