Siemens Water Technologies buys four U.S. companies

Siemens Water Technologies makes a valuable addition to its service business and supplements its product portfolio for disinfection and ultrapure water solutions. It's taken over Envirotrol, Darlington, PA; Clean Environmental Concepts (CEC), Vancouver, WA; Ultrapure Solutions, Hubbard, OR; and Sunlight Systems, Allendale, NJ, with total sales of $25 million. This expands the Division's service portfolio for activated carbon, particularly carbon reactivation, lab and microelectronic services...

WARRENDALE, PA, Jan. 26, 2007 -- By acquiring four companies in the U.S., Siemens Water Technologies has made a valuable addition to its service business and supplemented its product portfolio for disinfection and ultra-pure water solutions. Terms of the purchases were not disclosed.

"We are implementing our strategy of using specific acquisitions to supplement our range of technological products and improve the service we provide close to the customer", said Roger Radke, CEO of the Water Technologies Division, which is part of the Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services Group (I&S). In the U.S. Siemens has taken over four companies Envirotrol, CEC, Ultrapure Solutions and Sunlight Systems with total sales of 25 million USD.

The main aim of the acquisitions is to expand the Division's service portfolio for activated carbon water treatment. By acquiring Envirotrol, Inc, Darlington/PA and Clean Environmental Concepts (CEC), Vancouver/WA Siemens has strengthened its regional presence in the east and in the north-west of the United States . Envirotrol, that operates a carbon reactivation plant licensed to RCRA Part B (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act), "enables Siemens Water Technologies to double its carbon reactivation capability", Radke explained this move. "We have done this to close a gap in the services we provide and to serve our customers in industry and local communities more effectively."

The acquisition of Ultrapure Solutions, Hubbard/OR, helps Siemens to expand its range of deionization (SDI) products and services in the north-west of the United States. The SDI method supplies ultra-pure water for laboratories and the microelectronics industry as well as for other industrial applications.

By acquiring Sunlight Systems, Allendale/NJ, Siemens is expanding its range of disinfection products and solutions. Sunlight supplies a variety of water purification applications for disinfection, TOC (Total Organic Carbon) reduction and for the elimination of ozone and chlorine in water. "With the Sunlight product lines", said Radke, "we are meeting the growing demand for UV disinfection products for water purification and wastewater applications in industry and local communities."

Sunlight supplies open-channel horizontal & vertical UV disinfection equipment for the municipal wastewater market, along with chambered systems for the municipal drinking & wastewater and industrial markets. Siemens plans to further grow its UV product line by investing in product development, seeking certifications for municipal and commercial drinking water, water reuse and other applications, and leveraging the Siemens global organization. The acquisition will also help support other Siemens businesses in the development of proprietary technologies in the growing field of advanced oxidation processes (AOPs).

Siemens Water Technologies (• and delivers cost-effective, reliable water and wastewater treatment systems and services to municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional customers worldwide. The division "Water Technologies" is part of Siemens' Industrial Solutions and Services Group (I&S) which is a system and solution provider for industrial and infrastructure facilities and global service provider for the plant and projects business covering planning, installation, operation and the entire life cycle. In fiscal 2006 (to September 30), I&S employed a total of 36,200 people worldwide and achieved total sales of EUR 8.819 billion [US$11.28 million].


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