USFilter offers new service with GFH arsenic removal systems

Cities small and large are faced with meeting the EPA's revised Arsenic Rule by 2006, each with different treatment requirements.

TOWSON, Md., March 10, 2004 -- Cities small and large are faced with meeting the EPA's revised Arsenic Rule by 2006, each with different treatment requirements.

In an effort to address the myriad of arsenic treatment process needs, USFilter announces an expanded offering for its GFH™ arsenic removal systems. Communities now have the option of media change out services, equipment leasing or capital purchase.

GFH systems offer economical and efficient removal of arsenic through an adsorption process. Once the adsorption capacity is reached, the media must be removed and replaced with new media.

Beginning in March 2004, service to change out the media is available to all GFH media users. USFilter service technicians and equipment are used to safely remove the exhausted media and responsibly dispose of it in approved facilities. New media is installed during the same site visit.

"This service offering is very much like we provide on a daily basis for granular activated carbon and specialized ion exchange systems," explains Chris Morss, vice president of remediation services.

"Larger systems are handled on-site, while the smaller systems are most economically handled at a regional facility where we bring the entire vessel in for change out."

Along with services, USFilter provides flexibility in ownership. While a typical purchase and ownership of the equipment is available, the option to lease equipment and services is also available.

"The diversity of systems requiring arsenic removal means an equally diverse range of treatment procurement and servicing alternatives is required," states USFilter product manager, Roman Aguirre. "We intend to provide our customers the flexibility to select what works best for them, both financially and operationally."

In addition to GFH systems, USFilter offers many technologies and process routes to help municipalities reduce arsenic levels in their drinking water supplies. Some of these technologies include Microfloc® pre-engineered systems, and conventional treatment such as clarification, filtration and ion exchange equipment.

Millions of people and thousands of companies rely on USFilter every day to help them meet their clean water needs. Headquartered in Palm Desert, Calif., USFilter ( is a $1 billion water company with 6,000 experienced professionals dedicated to delivering cost-effective, reliable water and wastewater treatment systems and services to municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional customers worldwide.

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