Desert power plant operators high on UF membranes

Tony Penna, the plant engineer at the Victorville, CA, High Desert Power Plant, raves about a six-rack, 114-module capillary UF 60" membrane system from Hydranautics, which was installed in February 2003 and continues to work well and with minimal attention...

OCEANSIDE, CA, Aug. 12, 2004 -- Hydranautics, a world leader in membrane technology, has earned high marks from the plant operators at the High Desert Power Project in Victorville, CA.

Recently, operators at the 2 mgd (7.5 mld) High Desert Power Project praised the capillary ultrafiltration (UF) HYDRAcap® membranes for their reliability and excellent performance. Tony Penna, the plant engineer at the Victorville plant, said that the six-rack, 114-module capillary UF 60" membrane system is working very well and with minimal attention.

On average, each of the six racks produces approximately 400 gpm and averages 95% recovery. This is a zero liquids discharge plant with final solids loading being reduced by a crystallizer. The 0.8-mm capillary UF system is being used to pre-treat surface water from the State Project Water (SPW). Roughly 60% of the feed water received at the High Desert Power plant is used in the actual power production processes. The remaining 40% is treated to meet California potable water standards and is dedicated to an aquifer replenishment program for drinking water.

Hydranautics' capillary UF membranes provide superior pretreatment when compared to conventional methods by offering single-step treatment, fouling resistance and chemical free operation at high recovery rates. The modules also provide over 5-log removal of pathogens, including Giardia, Cryptosporidum and viruses, exceeding the requirements of the Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule.

Since start-up in February 2003, the system has been running at the Victorville facility for well over a year, ample time for a broad spectrum evaluation. And plant engineer Penna's assessment is that the UF modules have offered "excellent performance and reliability".

About Hydranautics
Based in Oceanside, CA, Hydranautics specializes in design and manufacture of high technology membranes for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration applications. For more information about its HYDRAcap or 1.2 mm HYDRAcap LD (Large Diameter) line of membranes and membrane products, call 1-800-CPA-PURE, or visit online at

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