Koch Membrane unit buys Puron AG

KMS International LLC adds membrane bioreactor technology to its product portfolio with acquisition of German water treatment equipment manufacturer that makes submerged hollow-fiber membrane modules for wastewater applications...

WILMINGTON, MA, Nov. 16, 2004 -- KMS International LLC, a subsidiary of Koch Membrane Systems Inc., with headquarters in Wilmington, Mass., has acquired Puron AG, an Aachen, Germany-based manufacturer of submerged hollow-fiber membrane modules for wastewater treatment.

The purchase will add membrane bioreactors to Koch's bevy of water purification technologies offered to its customers.

"The Puron technology will enable us to offer superior membrane modules in membrane bioreactors for municipal and industrial wastewater applications," said David Koch, Koch Membrane president. "Our focus for the near future is to integrate this technology with our existing municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment businesses. We are extremely delighted to have made this acquisition and are very optimistic about its contribution to Koch Membrane Systems' capabilities."

"We are excited to become part of Koch Membrane Systems," said Klaus Vossenkaul, a founder of Puron. "We believe we can best realize the potential for Puron's technology as part of a company that is a membrane manufacturer and is fully committed to membrane technology and the markets it serves."

As a wholly owned subsidiary of KMS International, Puron will continue to be based in Aachen.

Koch Membrane Systems Inc. has been a global leader in state-of-the-art membrane development for more than 30 years. Its membranes are in place globally where large-scale uses of membranes occur. Koch Membrane Systems is a Koch Chemical Technology Group LLC company.

For more information on Koch Membrane Systems (www.kochmembrane.com) and its full line of products including the Puron Membrane Modules, visit the company's website.


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