Solucorp unit launches marketing campaign, lands first contract

With the launch of its marketing campaign, WITS Inc. also signs first contract for a city wastewater treatment plant in Keysville, Va...

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL, Nov. 22, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Solucorp Industries Ltd. announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary WITS, Inc. has been awarded a contract for a project for the Town of Keysville, Virginia's wastewater treatment plant. This is the initial result of a decision by Solucorp/WITS to further focus efforts and to commence a nationwide marketing campaign to introduce WITS treatment package to municipalities with wastewater treatment plants throughout the country. WITS is in late stages of contract negotiations with other companies and municipalities. WITS has signed agreements with several leading marketing firms including MC2 of Omaha, Nebraska, Corposol of California, J&M Laboratories of Louisville, Kentucky and American Environmental Corporation of Indianapolis, Indiana. The installation of the Keysville, Virginia wastewater treatment plant will serve as the first full scale commercial operation of the WITS technology. It is estimated that there are thousands of municipal wastewater treatment plants and a large percentage of them cannot meet the new requirements on discharge of contaminants.

Since these government regulations make requirements on contaminant remediation more stringent, the normal biological treatment process frequently is unable to remediate the contaminants to acceptable regulatory levels. WITS' technology separates itself from other traditional treatment technology by being able to surpass the most stringent regulatory levels for all contaminants of concern. After being added to the Record of Decision (ROD), WITS' technology was selected by F.L. Showalter, Inc., the general contractor on the project.

WITS' package was specified for copper removal from the Keysville waste stream by B & B Consultants, a Virginia-based engineering firm. The equipment proprietary to WITS, required for this project has been ordered from the manufacturer who will build it to WITS required specifications. The delivery of the equipment to the site will be in December 2004. This will meet the terms of the COD purchase order that WITS has received. WITS utilizes electrocoagulation to remove contaminants from wastewater. Although electrocoagulation is not a new technology, having been utilized almost 100 years, WITS refines the process to increase removal of contaminant rates and lowers capital and operating costs while meeting new regulatory requirements giving testimony for Solucorp's decision to purchase WITS.

Electrocoagulation is one of the components of the package. This process is based on the use of strong electric fields and electrically induced oxidation and reduction reactions.

This process removes the majority of heavy metals and is also able to kill microorganisms in the water (such as fecal coliform and salmonella). It is also able to precipitate charged colloids (organics and inorganics) and remove significant amounts of other ions (heavy metals) colloids and emulsions. This contract marks the first that uses a new user- friendly chamber design.

The WITS wastewater treatment system is scheduled to be fully operational in the first quarter of 2005 attesting to the practical application of WITS' advanced system.

About WITS Inc.
WITS Inc., founded in 2001 and purchased by Solucorp in June of 2004, is capable of supplying package systems to treat contaminated wastewater as low as 20 gallons per minute and upwards of 200 gallons per minute. By installing multiple package systems, flows greater than that can be achieved. In addition to pricing advantages, the WITS package produces a better water end result without using harmful chemicals. The major water/wastewater areas where the WITS' package can be utilized with significant benefits includes water utilities; wastewater utilities; sludge processing; combined sewer overflows; industrial pretreatment; offshore oil rigs; livestock industry and in food processing plants. At present WITS is targeting its efforts in four key areas: food & beverage industry wastewater, automotive/metal processing discharging, recyclable water recovery and phosphorous removal. WITS also has a network of representatives throughout the country to promote their technology. This wide range of uses provides Solucorp with the ideal complement to its remediation and metals pollution preventive proprietary technologies.

About Solucorp
Solucorp Industries Ltd., a Canadian corporation is parent to three U.S. corporations including: WITS Inc., Solucorp Industries and Integrated Fixation System Co. Inc., involved in the environmental remediation industry. Solucorp's patented Molecular Bonding System (MBS®) technology can remediate and treat wastes where heavy metals are present by chemically binding those metals so that they will not leach and contaminate the groundwater. The MBS technology has been used throughout the United States and Canada as well as the UK, Italy, China and Argentina. Solucorp's MBS technology can be reviewed on the EPA website at by typing in the New Search Space, "Molecular Bonding System". This technology is also presented in a periodical produced by the EPA titled Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) Program, Technology Profiles 10th Edition, and Demonstration Program. As an outgrowth of MBS, Solucorp has and continues to develop products and prototypes for its IFS (Integrated Fixation System) technology, which can be used as a coating or additive to paint strippers, paint booth filters, batteries, ammunition, computers, switches, liners, coal fire furnaces (mercury) and a host of other products where hazardous metals come in contact, to enable manufacturers to produce products that self-remediate there by eliminating environmental pollution at its source.


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