Vivendi company to install Ultra Guard UV system in Chile

Service Systems International, Ltd. announces the first order for its Ultra Guard UV disinfection system in South America.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 11, 2001 — Service Systems International, Ltd. announces the first order for its Ultra Guard UV disinfection system in South America.

The purchase order for delivery to a sister company of Vivendi Water was received from US Filter, the company's exclusive sales agent offering wastewater disinfection products in North and South America.

SVSY will supply its patented Single Lamp Reactor (SLR) system for a municipality in Chile within the next several months. The state-of-the-art SLR modules will be placed within an existing structure and offer automated flow pacing to suit the varying quality and flow conditions of wastewater.

The system is an alternative to the current application of chlorine used to treat wastewater in Chile. SVSY's Ultra Guard technology is acknowledged as the most advanced in the UV treatment industry.

USF-WT's representative for the Project in South America stated that this is an important first step in applying Ultra Guard's UV disinfection technology in a wastewater application with the country's largest utility owner. Marcelo Mena of TEMAC stated, "Use of UV disinfection is our first step towards safer, more cost-effective treatment of our wastewater. The Ultra Guard system will be able to adapt to the changes in water quality and flow required for this project."

Mena added, "The Chilean WWTP market was traditionally inclined to work with wastewater chlorination, with Wallace and Tiernan products. Recently the use of chlorination in wastewater treatment has been revised. Now, clients can rely on Wallace and Tiernan and TEMAC to give them a solution, regardless of the technology required. We are convinced that our decision to use the Ultra Guard technology is the right one."

Efforts to employ UV wastewater disinfection in Chile is an indication of the worldwide trend to move from chemical treatment of wastewater and potable water to an environmentally friendly, safe and efficient UV alternative.

Industry analysts and equipment suppliers expect that chlorination will be phased out over time and that UV will replace or supplement a majority of the existing chemical disinfection syste

"This project is significant to Service Systems because it is our first installment in South America," said President, Ken Fielding. "This order demonstrates a milestone commitment by US Filter / Wallace and Tiernan, who represent the product line in Chile. They are clearly making significant inroads to increasing our installed base of facilities in all locations where UV disinfection is the logical solution. This contract is a door opener to the largest utility owner in the country and one of the largest in South America," he added.

About Service Systems

Service Systems International, Ltd. is a UV water and wastewater treatment company. Its patented Ultra Guard disinfection system is seen as a significant advancement in the industry and has met one of the world's strictest standards governing wastewater reuse (California, Title 22).

Ultra Guard technology provides significant savings in installation, operation and maintenance costs over its competitors. Ultra Guard is actively marketed through an exclusive agent agreement with US Filter, one of the world's providers of wastewater treatment technology.

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