Trojan Technologies secures contract for municipal drinking water disinfection

Trojan Technologies Inc. announced today that the company has been awarded a contract to supply drinking water disinfection systems to the City of North Bay, Ontario.

LONDON, Ontario, July 26, 2001 — Trojan Technologies Inc. announced today that the company has been awarded a significant contract to supply drinking water disinfection systems to the City of North Bay, Ontario.

The contract, valued at approximately C$1 million, includes a total of four Trojan UVSwift™ units designed to treat up to 21 million gallons or 79,500 cubic metres per day of drinking water. Trojan Technologies had been actively demonstrating its system's capabilities for North Bay's application over the past year.

"We began investigating treatment options for our community to comply with the Ontario Drinking Water Protection Regulations introduced last August," said Peter Bullock, Manager of Environmental Services for the City of North Bay.

"We chose ultraviolet disinfection technology for its ease of installation, quick implementation time as well as its cost effectiveness when compared to other disinfection technologies. The immediate installation of UV equipment is the first step in the City's plans to increase treatment levels at the existing North Bay Water Treatment Plant. An environmental assessment for a potential new filtration treatment facility will also soon be underway. The Trojan UVSwift™ units purchased by the City of North Bay are to be eventually transferred from the existing plant into this future filtration treatment facility."

Martin Gravel, P.Eng., Project Manager with CH2MHill Canada stated "Trojan Technologies was the supplier of choice for this project. Trojan is known as the world leader in UV disinfection technology and has demonstrated its abilities through performance testing. We concluded that Trojan UVSwift™ was a reliable product that represented a cost effective solution to the City's immediate disinfection needs."

"Trojan is very pleased to have been awarded this significant contract as it represents the first large order to be awarded to Trojan in the North American municipal drinking water market," said Marvin DeVries, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Trojan Technologies. "Through the addition of UV technology, the City of North Bay can protect their residents from a wide range of pathogens with an additional disinfection barrier."

Consulting Engineering firm, CH2MHill Canada, oversaw the demonstration efforts and recommended UV as the optimal disinfection solution and Trojan as the supplier of choice. The Ontario Clean Water Agency currently operates the North Bay Water Treatment Plant.

The UV systems, to be installed in the fall of this year, will be coupled with the existing chlorination system, enabling the City of North Bay to implement a dual barrier disinfection strategy.

Ultraviolet light disinfects water by altering the genetic material (DNA) within bacteria, viruses and protozoa such that they can no longer reproduce and are effectively killed.

Trojan UVSwift™, Trojan's municipal drinking water disinfection product, has been designed for the North American market in anticipation of new regulations in many jurisdictions that will require municipalities to implement a multi-barrier disinfection treatment strategy.

The disinfection technology can be retrofitted into existing drinking water treatment facilities at a lower cost than alternative technologies, the company said.

Trojan Technologies is a Canadian based, high technology environmental company operating internationally. Trojan designs, manufactures and sells ultraviolet disinfection systems for municipal wastewater, drinking water systems for residential, municipal and commercial use, and industrial systems for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor applications.

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