Water filtration skids

Feb 26th, 2016
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Water filtration skids

Spiral Water Technologies now offers two high-solids water filtration skids with its next generation Model 810 automatic, self-cleaning filter. The FS1 and FS2 skids - with one and two Model 810 filters respectively - have been designed to address the problem of high and variable suspended solids removal found in multiple industries around the world. Delivering flows of up to either 75 or 150 gallons per minute, the FS1 and FS2 Skids remove ultra-high and variable TSS of up to 25,000 mg/L, as well as oil and grease, in just one pass. Compact and modular, the FS1 and FS2 Skids include an epoxy-coated steel support frame, pipe manifolds, and programmable electronics to control filter performance and purge timing.

Spiral Water Technologies Inc.


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