RO feed spacer technology

Content Dam Ww Print Articles 2016 03 1603wwps2 P04b

RO feed spacer technologyContent Dam Ww Print Articles 2016 03 1603wwps2 P04b

Feed spacers are an essential component of reverse osmosis spiral wound elements and Conwed is proactively studying, testing and evaluating how feed spacers can impact reverse osmosis performance. The company has embarked upon a major R&D effort, in collaboration with university researchers, corporations and material suppliers, to develop the next-generation feed spacers that could impact RO performance. RO feed spacers, also known as scrim, mesh, net or netting, keep the feed channel open, allowing feed water to flow inside the feed channels, along the membrane element. The objective of the feed spacer, in addition to keeping the feed channel open, is to promote turbulence of the feed stream.


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