Everpure targets 'Urbanolas' in consumer water filtration push

The company will launch effort at K/BIS, the 2005 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, the premier exposition for kitchen and bath builders and remodelers, which runs May 10-12...

HANOVER PARK, IL, May 2, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- They buy organic. They recycle. They're into yoga, Pilates and environmental causes. And they like commercial-grade equipment in their kitchens. We call them "Urbanolas." These millions of affluent urban consumers with a focus on food and health are the new target market for Everpure, which is aiming its market-leading commercial water filtration products at this significant consumer market.

The company will launch this focused consumer effort at K/BIS, the 2005 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, the premier exposition for kitchen and bath builders and remodelers. The show runs May 10-12.

Mike Madsen, Everpure's vice president of sales and marketing, said, "We know that a large number of upscale consumers prefer the quality of commercial-grade appliances in their homes. These food-savvy and health-conscious consumers also value clean water for drinking and cooking. The company's water filtration systems, which are a market leader in the foodservice industry, are a natural for these buyers."

Everpure's exclusive precoat filtration reduces off-tastes and odors and removes particles as small as a half-micron in size (1/50,000 inch), including cysts and asbestos fibers. Its proprietary Micro-pure media mix of very fine activated carbon coats a unique pleated filter membrane, offering a large filtering surface area, long filter life and consistent performance. This removes chlorine and other contaminants, as well as providing -- with certain filter models -- added protection against lead and organic chemicals such as VOCs, THMs and MTBE. Some models also include bacteriostatic properties for additional antimicrobial protection. Products available for home and recreational applications include plumbed-in, undercounter filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, and special problem-solving models.

The company is seeking to add to its network of qualified dealers to handle the expected increase in business for household and recreational uses.

Everpure (www.everpure.com), a leading foodservice industry supplier, has been manufacturing commercial water treatment products, solutions and services worldwide since 1933. More restaurants depend on Everpure for their water treatment needs than any other brand. It's also a trusted provider of water treatment products to the vending, RV marine and aviation markets, and has helped many industry leaders improve their water treatment. In 2004, the company became part of the Water Technologies Group of Pentair Inc. (www.pentair.com).


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