Ultrafiltration technology certified by CDPH for drinking water treatment

The California Department of Public Health has certified a new ultrafiltration technology, the Virex Pro from Seccua GmbH.

SACRAMENTO, CA, July 17, 2013 -- The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has recently certified a new ultrafiltration technology, the Virex Pro from Seccua GmbH, a German-based company specializing in the global compact drinking water systems market.

Seccua's compact designs and ultrafiltration water treatment systems are ideal for small- and medium-sized public water systems required to meet the latest state and federal drinking water standards for removal of bacteria, parasites and other pathogens. The Seccua Virex Pro series, together with the SeccuMem Pro filter modules, are certified to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's enhanced treatment and total coliform rules (LT2 and TCR).

A Virex Pro system was recently first installed and monitored for several months at a public water training center and laboratory in Minnesota, under the close supervision by the Health Department of the State of Minnesota. Seccua then completed a second round of testing of its fully integrated ultrafiltration system at a public water supply at a California town. With both tests a success, CDPH accepted Seccua's systems as an alternative filtration technology and certified that they complied with California's Surface Water Treatment Rule and United States Federal Long Term Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rules 1 and 2. The California certification follows approvals and installations in Oregon, Washington, Virginia and Ohio, among other states.

The California certification followed Seccua's patent protection for its integrated membrane integrity test. U.S. regulations require the patent if Seccua's devices are to be used for pathogen removal in public drinking water treatment. Seccua's integrated testing technology checks the integrity of membrane filter automatically for damages large enough to potentially let bacteria and parasites pass the filter. If a membrane defect occurs, the system will stop automatically and the operator will be notified via mobile phone or alarm output to an existing control center.

About Seccua Ultrafiltration

Seccua Ultrafiltration removes germs and particles without irradiation or the use of chemicals and disinfectants. In extensive field application, ultrafiltration technology has proven its reliability in the removal of pathogens: More than 99.99 percent of bacteria and parasites, as well as turbidity are removed from the water in a single step, leaving treated water supplies in microbial perfect condition.

Dissolved organic matter, such as pesticides or pharmaceuticals, can be effectively removed from water by combining ultrafiltration with other Seccua technologies such as activated carbon filtration. Please find further information at www.seccua.com.

About Seccua

Seccua is a worldwide leading developer and producer of compact and economical devices for complete removal of pathogens from drinking water. With German-designed ultrafiltration equipment for private, commercial and public applications, Seccua has received approvals in several US states. The Seccua UrSpring systems are designed to provide the highest quality of drinking water for home use and can remove bacteria and Legionella, as well as dissolved pollutants such as pesticides and pharmaceuticals. Seccua systems are distributed in the U.S., Germany and worldwide, including China, Australia and Canada. For more information, visit www.seccua.com.


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