Spitzer & Boyes LLC again offers independent flowmeter seminars

Events scheduled for Houston, Philadelphia and Chicago. Seminars offer unique view of most-used flowmeters and level gauges...

CHESTNUT RIDGE, NY, April 13, 2005 -- Spitzer and Boyes, LLC announced its schedule for consumer guide seminars that includes flow measurement seminars plus a new, non-contact level gauge seminar that covers ultrasonic, laser, and non-contact radar level gauges.

The company produces the acclaimed "The Consumer Guide to..." series, an independent analysis of the world's instrumentation and suppliers.

The U.S. schedule is as follows:
-- June 13-17 - Houston, TX
-- June 21 - Boston, MA
-- June 27-July - Philadelphia, PA
-- July 11-15 2005 - Chicago, IL

Subjects include:
-- Flowmeters - coriolis, mass, differential, pressure, flow transmitters, magnetic, ultrasonic, and correlation, vortex, and fluidic
-- Level gauges non-contact (ultrasonic, laser and radar)
-- Fieldbus - Fieldbus network equipment for process control

These seminars are designed for a target audience that is made up of individuals who select, specify, install and use these flowmeters, although supplier personnel may also gain great benefit by attending.

Outlines and information about the seminars, including events in the United Kingdom and Brazil, can be found at www.spitzerandboyes.com.

Spitzer and Boyes LLC is a flow and field instrumentation analyst firm with clients and associates worldwide. It provides clients with a wide range of technical and strategic marketing services, including new product development, analysis, positioning, and product introductions.


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