HOBAS Pipes has launched a new product line, featuring a particularly durable inner protective layer. The standard centrifugally cast HOBAS GRP Gravity Pipe has also been further improved to suit a broad variety of applications even better than before.

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New generation of GRP pipes

HOBAS Pipes has launched a new product line, featuring a particularly durable inner protective layer. The standard centrifugally cast HOBAS GRP Gravity Pipe has also been further improved to suit a broad variety of applications even better than before.

Resistant to abrasion and corrosion, the new HOBAS Top Performance Pipe’s durable inner protective layer made of polyurethane resin, the thickness of which is customised for each project individually, typically starting at 2 mm. Thanks to its particularly smooth inside surface, it also features excellent hydraulics and prevents sedimentation. With their special properties, HOBAS Top Performance Pipes are suited for a very broad range of challenging applications: From main sewers and sewers with retention function to drainage pipelines with very high slopes, culverts, efficient pressure pipelines, and industry applications. Apart from the thickness of the inner protection layer, the wall structure of the centrifugally cast (CC) GRP pipe can also be customized for special project conditions. Comprehensive examinations in the internationally recognized HOBAS TechCenter in Austria confirmed the pipes’ unique performance in e.g. long-term deflection and strain corrosion test settings. And the top-performing CC-GRP pipes have already proven their worth in real-life applications: In Switzerland, they help to safely transport storm water containing sharp-edged stones and debris.


Smart Spider PVC pipe cleaner

Finland-based Picote has developed a range of cleaning equipment and accessories that has either been specifically designed to work in PVC or can be adapted to clean PVC without detriment to the pipe. One of these developments is the Picote Smart Spider, which cleans all types of pipes fast and in a highly efficient manner and is even safe to use in PVC pipes. The Smart Spider is designed specifically for pipes where the invert or other pipe sections are missing. The unit easily navigates around 90° bends and is available for use in pipe diameters of 4 in (100 mm) and 6 in (150 mm) when used with Picote’s Maxi Miller machine to drive the cleaning unit. It is also available for use in 6 in (150 mm) and 8 in (200 mm) diameter pipes when used with the Maxi Power Plus miller machine. For smaller sizes in cast iron, clay or concrete pipes, it is recommended that Picote chains are utilised. The tool can also be easily rebuilt when necessary using affordable spare parts.


Level and temperature sensor for ground water launched conveyance

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Bell Flow Systems has introduced the Leveline water level logger to its ground water measurement range for those looking to monitor water level applications in ground water, estuarine and surface water applications.

Available in both absolute and gauge options the level sensor can be deployed with either Kevlar cord if using the absolute versions, or with rugged cable if looking to use a vented sensor or require surface data collection. The Leveline also offer a titanium body as standard making the sensors highly durable for harsh environments and long term deployments.

Battery life for the device is up to 10 years with an internal data logger offering collection of 500,000 data sets. A fast logging interval also means that readings can be collected as fast as 10 records per second. Programming of the Leveline can be achieved using a simple PC software or via the GPS Leveline meter. Readings from the device can be also be integrated into third party datalogger or telemetry systems using on-board SDI-12 or Modbus (RS-485) protocols.


Resin calculator for pipe networks

Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has launched a new online tool to enable pipe rehabilitation contractors to calculate the precise amount of resin and hardener needed to build a leak-free, hassle-free network of pipes. The Resin Calculator Tool equips contractors with the exact volume and weight of material required to repair pipes to the optimum performance, enabling more precise spending on materials whilst preventing additional repair work from incorrect calculations.

The tool can be used to determine the precise amounts of resin and hardener required for cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining technology. Contractors simply input material parameters such as the liner type, type of resin system used, pipe diameter, wall thickness, length of liner and preferred unit of measurement. The online tool then instantly calculates the precise amount of resin and hardener mix required in both volumetric and gravimetric sizes.


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