Atlanta selects ADS Environmental for watershed monitoring network

Permanent flow monitoring and data analysis improve sanitary sewer evaluation surveys and allow reduced sanitary sewer overflows...

HUNTSVILLE, AL, Sept. 28, 2004 -- ADS Environmental Services, the leader in full-service networked flow monitoring and intelligence, today announces the award of a two-year contract from the Department of Watershed Management for the City of Atlanta.

This contract, with three one-year renewable options, is for full comprehensive maintenance and data reporting services on Atlanta's permanent monitoring network, which includes 125 ADS model 4000 flow meters and 32 rain gauges. It also includes the delivery of monitoring data through the ADS Web-based data management tool, IntelliServe.

"Atlanta is committed to achieving "Best in Class" for our water and wastewater system," states Bob King, Deputy Commissioner. "We again selected ADS to join us in this effort primarily for their breadth of experience in the industry, their responsiveness and their technical innovation."

The City of Atlanta and the Department of Watershed Management are aggressively pursuing system improvements through construction and rehabilitation of its combined and sanity sewer systems. The permanent monitoring data is used to calibrate the Department's hydraulic model associated with these efforts. The network has been in place now for four years and the City selected ADS after conducting a two-month peer review of five teams comprised of wastewater service provider companies. ADS was chosen based on a combination of experience, technical expertise, knowledge of the wastewater system and the best value for the operational investment.

Deemed the "most responsible and responsive" in the contract award, ADS will also conduct temporary flow monitoring projects for Atlanta's Sewer Groups five and six.
ADS has been servicing Atlanta's wastewater monitoring and data analysis projects for the past five years through a previous comprehensive service contract that included installation of the permanent monitoring network, temporary flow monitoring and sanitary sewer evaluation survey (SSES) activities.

IntelliServe, the ADS Web-based collection system interface will be used by Atlanta to identify potential capacity problems in the system and help direct operation and management activities. This economical software tool is designed to help municipalities reduce and eliminate sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).

About ADS Environmental Services
ADS Environmental Services (, a division of ADS Corp., is a leading technology and service provider and a reliable source of knowledge to the global wastewater collection system industry. Monitors manufactured, installed and maintained by ADS measure over 4 billion gallons of flow daily across the globe. ADS delivers value to its clients by providing industry-leading solutions for flow monitoring, data analysis, reporting and field services. Its clients are municipal agencies or authorities and engineering firms who rely on ADS information to manage planning and rehabilitation, satellite community, billing, regulatory compliance, O&M, and model calibration.


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