Labtronics hosting webcasts on Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for QA/QC labs

Highlight of webcasts will include live demonstrations of the latest Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) technology...

GUELPH, Ontario, Canada, April 13, 2005 -- Labtronics Inc. announced today that they will be hosting a series of informational Webcasts entitled "ELN for the QA/QC Laboratory." These free educational webcasts will help companies understand how an ELN for their QA/QC laboratories can provide significant benefits to their company.

"Historically, Electronic Laboratory Notebooks have been designed to accommodate research laboratories," said Robert Pavlis, president of Labtronics Inc. "Little, if any, consideration has been given to the needs of QA/QC labs. However, the requirements of QA/QC labs are significantly different from research labs."

The Labtronics' webcasts will introduce attendees to the latest advances in ELN technology that enable companies to expedite the QA/QC process allowing them to ship their products to the market sooner. Participants will see live demonstrations of the latest available ELN technology and gain perspective on how applying an ELN to QA/QC labs can save companies millions of dollars every year.

For those companies that have already implemented ELN technologies into their research labs, this webcast will show the differences in ELN requirements between research and QA/QC labs. It will discuss how QA/QC labs can gain significant benefits by using an ELN that has been designed with their requirements in mind and highlight the important features that a QA/QC ELN would need in order to achieve these benefits.

Labtronics has developed these webcasts specifically for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as well as other process manufacturing industries such as chemical, petrochemical and food & beverage companies. For information on dates and times of upcoming seminars or to register please visit:
-- Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology:
-- Other Process Manufacturing:

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