Taylor: New website draws attention of water analysts

New website from specialty chemical manufacturer of water testing supplies for industrial, commercial, institutional, laboratory and home use appears to be a hit with water analysts...

SPARKS, MD, Jan. 31, 2005 -- After six months of operation in its present format, www.taylortechnologies.com appears to be a hit with water analysts.

"I am very encouraged by the numbers I'm seeing," says Taylor's vice president of marketing, Patricia Fitzgerald. "Lots of new visitors every day and many repeat visits. The metric that's surprised me most is the average stay -- nearly nine minutes. I'm told that's huge.

"Our intent was to make this a resource-rich site for people in all walks of life doing water testing, from the home pool owner to an industry professional, say in a boilerhouse. The main mission is to provide water chemistry and testing knowledge," Fitzgerald explains.

Visitors can click on Learn More for answers to frequently asked questions, a glossary of chemistry and testing terms, white papers on various water chemistry topics, articles from their newsletter archive, and a primer on the contents of test instructions. The Services link allows water analysts to submit testing questions to Taylor chemists. Marketers can view and download product descriptions, color photography, line art, or Taylor's catalogs and fliers. Sales professionals can request product training, help with a sales call, advice on an upcoming bid, or to be included in future newsletter mailings.

A Product Info link contains a comprehensive, searchable database of Taylor's products (for industrial processing and many other applications) and documentation such as MSDSs, test instructions, and lists of kit components. Having located a product, shoppers use the Shopping link to place an order. Customers with an established account need only enter an ID number and passcode to place an order using their existing terms and conditions. New customers can pay by credit card (transactions are protected by SSL encryption) and download a credit application.

The Corporate section contains a virtual tour of Taylor's production facilities, a summary of their 75-year history, previews of upcoming events, testimonials from satisfied customers, brief bios of staff contacts, and a listing of career opportunities. Taylor makes communicating with them easy: click on Contact Us for an e-mail/phone directory, directions to their headquarters, links to affiliated organizations, and an electronic suggestion box.

Taylor Technologies Inc., of Sparks, Md., is a specialty chemical manufacturer of water testing supplies for industrial, commercial, institutional, laboratory, and home use. Founded as W. A. Taylor & Company in 1930 in Baltimore, it was incorporated in 1967. Nearly 700 different test-kit configurations are offered, with options for wet- and dry-chemistry methods as well as microprocessor-based instruments.


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