New partnership to offer UCMR3 sampler training

Eurofins Eaton Analytical has partnered with American Water College to offer no-cost UCMR3 sampler training.

MONROVIA, CA, April, 2, 2013 -- Eurofins Eaton Analytical, Inc. (EEA), the leading U.S. drinking water testing laboratory, announced that it has teamed with American Water College, an authorized International Association for Continuing Education & Training provider of online training courses, to offer no-cost UCMR3 sampler training for those individuals who will need to collect samples under the Unregulated Contaminants Monitoring Rule 3 (UCMR3) program.

UCMR3 is a federal monitoring requirement sponsored by the EPA as part of a program that investigates chemical and microbiological contaminant occurrence in an effort to characterize drinking water and future regulations. UCMR3 is unique in that it has lower reporting limits than prior UCMRs, necessitating specific collection, field blank and sample condition verification requirements for several methods. These make proper sample collection critical to a successful monitoring program.

EEA (with EPA and AWWA) initially conducted a series of UCMR3 requirements workshops to assist UCMR3 water systems. EEA also developed a series of videos for each part of the UCMR3 sampling process and made those videos freely available via You-Tube and on smart phones. American Water College, which offers online training to water treatment plant operators and other water and wastewater professionals, worked with EEA to add additional information to the videos, based on direct experience with several hundred UCMR3 customers and samples in the first few months of 2013. This combination of online classroom instruction and videos offers utilities across the country an easier way to access this information and simultaneously earn continuing education credits (CEUs).

The nation's largest potable water testing laboratory, EEA was the first lab to receive accreditation for all of the UCMR3 analytical methods. Presently, EEA provides UCMR3 planning, sampling, testing and/or reporting services to hundreds of utilities across the country, including services for EPA in support of their national UCMR3 services contract for over 800 small systems.

"We are excited to help ensure that UCM3 is successfully implemented around the country," said Ed Wilson, President of Eurofins Eaton Analytical. "EEA has been at the forefront for testing many of these compounds for years and is dedicated to providing participants in this program with meaningful and consistent monitoring to support the development of sound future regulations. We welcome the teaming with American Water College to help utilities across the country with their UCMR3 program requirements."

About Eurofins Eaton Analytical

Eurofins Eaton Analytical (EEA) is the largest potable water testing laboratory in the United States, serving water quality professionals worldwide. The company’s 35,000-square-foot analytical testing facility is located in Monrovia, Calif., where more than 120 leading chemists, microbiologists and scientists are employed. In addition to offering testing of UCMR3 compounds, EEA can also deliver a wide array of other analytical capabilities, ranging from low-level drinking water analyses to leading-edge work with emerging contaminants like Nitrosamines and Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs). For more information, please visit or e-mail :


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