Analytical instruments find unusual application

A water treatment industry supplier's monitoring products are being used in the preservation of a Civil Water era submarine.

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June 8, 2001—One water treatment industry supplier has found a new application for its devices. Fisher Rosemount supplies process-control products and real-time process solutions to the water treatment industry. Now its monitoring devices are being used in the preservation of a Civil War era submarine.

The H.L. Hunley was the first ship capable of maneuvering completely underwater. In 1864 it sank off the coast of South Carolina while returning from its first mission. Now, after 137 years at the bottom of the Atlantic, one of the most sought after artifacts in the history of naval warfare is being preserved.

Built in 1863 for the Confederate Navy, the submarine was plagued with disaster. It sank twice during testing with all hands aboard. Then returning from its mission, it sank a third time, where it was discovered in 1995. The sub was raised August 8, 2000 and has been restored for display at the Charleston Museum.

During the restoration project, the analyzers are being used to monitor pH/ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen throughout the critical chloride removal. Without this process, the Hunley would begin to oxidize and deteriorate.

"The Rosemount products allow us to reliably monitor the electrolyte solution, which is critical to the success of the Hunley restoration," said Dr. Robert Neyland, Hunley project director and underwater archaeologist from the Naval Historical Center. "Without this sensor data, it would be impossible for us to maintain a proper environment for the chloride removal."

The submarine is on display at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center, Former Charleston Naval Base located at 1250 Supply St., Bldg. 255, N. Charleston, SC, telephone: 843-723-9797. During this summer's tours onlookers actually can catch a glimpse of what the men of the Hunley saw. An underwater camera and the removal of four hull plates provide unobstructed viewing of the interior of the vessel.

"We believe the visitors will be able to really see what the crew experienced 137 years ago and better understand the technological advancement that the Hunley represents. She truly was 50 years ahead of her successors." said Warren Lasch, Chairman of the Friends of the Hunley. More information is available from the web site, Information about Rosemount Analytical is available at

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