Mayo Clinic adopts Labronics pipette tracking software

Pipette calibration solution enables regulatory compliance in life sciences. Labtronics' industry-leading Pipette Tracker Pro provides advanced security, audit trail and e-signature capabilities to pipette calibrations...

GUELPH, Ontario, Canada, Feb. 14, 2006 -- Labtronics Inc., a world leader in providing instrument calibration and integration solutions, announced today that Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, has implemented the Pipette Tracker Pro software from Labtronics to assist in the verification checks of pipettes meeting their tolerance specifications.

"Mayo Clinic is one of the world's leading healthcare providers and we're very excited about the opportunity to work with them," said Mike DeWitte, vice president at Labtronics. "Companies in the Life Science, Medical, Bio-technology, Drug Discovery and Pharmaceutical industries are recognizing the need to verify their pipettes' calibration status on a more regular basis. Pipettes don't always receive the attention they deserve. They are in fact, precision instruments that can be very important to test method recipes calling for precision volumes."

Whether pipettes are being used with a PCR or Plate reader, the volumes dispensed can have a direct impact on the final results. Ensuring that these precision instruments are operating within their tolerances helps companies catch problems before they adversely affect critical test data, saving countless hours of reverse tracking and paperwork. The Pipette Tracker Pro software is designed specifically to address these needs as a solution that enables more frequent in-house pipette calibration checks in less time with more accurate results in regulated environments.

Pipette Tracker schedules, calculates, records and reports gravimetric calibration checks of pipettes and volumetric instruments and devices. The system interfaces with any manufacturers balance and performs all calculations and corrections required by ISO 8655 and ASTM 1154. The Pro version of Pipette Tracker software also includes a comprehensive security, electronic signature and audit trail system to enable regulated users to comply with their industry guidelines and allows for the use of SQL Server or Oracle as its central database server. For details, visit:

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