Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission extends pipeline condition assessment contract with Echologics

This is the second extension of the contract between companies.

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission building.
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission building.

TORONTO, FEBRUARY 20, 2017 -- The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) has again extended its contract with Echologics for pipeline condition assessment services for an additional one-year term. This is the second extension of the contract between WSSC and Echologics.

Echologics, a Mueller Technologies company, has assessed more than 200 miles of WSSC's water pipeline since 2013. The one-year extension, which is worth up to $2 million, will allow WSSC to assess even more miles of cast iron, ductile iron and steel water mains in its water distribution network.

Echologics is a leading developer and provider of smart water technologies, including acoustic-based technologies for leak detection, pipe condition assessment and water loss management, which allow water utilities to intelligently manage their assets. WSSC is among the largest water and wastewater utilities in the United States.

WSSC will deploy Echologics' ePulse® technology. This proprietary and patented acoustic pipe condition assessment technology is a non-invasive solution that is designed to provide water utilities with cost-effective and accurate measurement of the remaining average wall thickness of a selected length of pipe. It has the added benefit of being able to simultaneously identify leaks.

"Our continued partnership with Echologics demonstrates our commitment to investing in our aging infrastructure and delivering excellent customer service," said WSSC general manager and chief executive officer Carla A. Reid. "By using the latest technology to assess the condition of older pipes, we can quickly identify any issues and take immediate action to minimize impacts to our customers."

By measuring the remaining average wall thickness of pipe, water utilities can prioritize repairs and replacement of mains. This critical information can help utilities efficiently target capital spending, mitigate risks associated with deteriorating pipe walls and reduce non-revenue water.

"WSSC is proactively managing its water infrastructure to ensure that its customers continue to have access to safe, clean drinking water," said Marc Bracken, vice president and general manager of Echologics. "By analyzing the remaining pipe wall thickness of their mains, we are able to help WSSC minimize service disruptions, operate more efficiently and reduce water loss."

About Echologics
Echologics, a Mueller Technologies company, is a developer of water infrastructure diagnostic technologies for water loss management, leak detection and pipe condition assessment. Echologics is dedicated to helping water utilities reduce water loss with subsequent benefits in monetary, environmental and health costs to their communities. For more information, visit www.echologics.com.

About Mueller Water Products
Mueller Water Products Inc. (NYSE:MWA) is a leading provider of water infrastructure products and services used in the transmission, distribution and measurement of water in North America. Our broad product and service portfolio includes engineered valves, fire hydrants, metering products and systems, leak detection and pipe condition assessment. We help municipalities increase operational efficiencies, improve customer service and prioritize capital spending, demonstrating why Mueller Water Products is Where Intelligence Meets Infrastructure®. Visit us atwww.muellerwaterproducts.com.

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