C&B Equipment acquires Douglas Pump Service, Inc.

Industrial and municipal customers in the Kansas City area will benefit from localized service and access to new applications, engineering, pump packages and solutions.

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WICHITA, KS, JULY 2, 2019 -- Industrial and municipal equipment distribution and service company C&B Equipment has purchased the stock of Douglas Pump Service, Inc., resulting in an ownership change with C&B becoming the owner of Douglas Pump Service, Inc. In recognition of the longtime name value of Douglas Pump Service, Inc., the new official name is C&B Equipment Midwest Inc. DBA Douglas Pump Service, Inc. C&B Equipment has retained all staff and employees, and intends to move its current Lenexa location to Douglas Pump Service, Inc.’s 17,000 square foot service facility in Overland Park.

The acquisition will benefit current and future industrial and municipal customers in the Kansas City area. Wichita-based C&B Equipment can now offer localized service and a repair facility in the Kansas City market. Douglas Pump Service, Inc. customers will now have access to engineering, new applications, and new pump packages and solutions.

“We are excited about the opportunities this brings to expand our footprint in the Kansas City market and to offer new services at a value package to existing Douglas Pump Service, Inc. customers,” said Dennis Noyes, President of C&B Equipment.

For Douglas Pump Service, Inc. leadership, it was shared values that drew them to the deal.

“While we had many companies offer to take over the operations and business of Douglas Pump Service, Inc., we decided to go with C&B as we could clearly see they emulated the same values that Douglas Pump was built on,” said Shirley Douglas.

Noyes echoed the sentiment. “The level of quality and service people know from Douglas Pump is not going to change,” he said. “C&B Equipment shares those values and we will continue to deliver on them for every customer, every time.”

For more information, visit www.cbeuptime.com.

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