Simplify Pump Selection, Configuration and Operation

New capabilities expand the functionality of LMI’s PD Series chemical metering pump.

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The new PD Series chemical metering pump from LMI helps users simplify selection, configuration and operation. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for operators to examine capacity settings and set flow rates to a desired output. These features improve safety and give operators confidence that the pumps are working as configured. New alarm indicators for tank levels are brightly displayed on a large color screen.

The new pumps feature improved hardware, a new graphical user interface and external control inputs. Enhanced software facilitates new calibration assist capabilities, plus new functionality to log pump strokes, estimated volume and power cycles.

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LMI’s new PD Series chemical metering pumps feature improved hardware, a new graphical user interface and external control inputs..

FastPrime™ liquid ends, which facilitate easy priming through an integrated bleed valve, are now standard. Optional AutoPrime™ liquid ends are available for applications with offgassing liquids. The Enhanced Model includes the StayPrime™ degassing technology, which is designed to maintain prime and keep the pump operating when needed.

“The PD Series represents a new generation of technology for LMI that reduces complexity for users and simplifies distribution,” said Eric Pittman, global product manager with LMI. “These new capabilities have previously been reserved for higher-end, specialized pumps — but now, our customers will be able to address a wider range of needs via the manual and enhanced versions of the PD Series.” WW

LMI and Milton Roy are exhibiting at WEFTEC.18, booth 3739. For more information, visit or

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