Pump Control System Features Sensorless Flow Measurement

ITT Monitoring & Control has released V5.0 for the PumpSmart PS200.

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ITT Monitoring & Control has released V5.0 for the PumpSmart PS200. Highlights of the new release are SmartFlow, Advanced Pump Protection, Positive Displacement Pump Protection and SmartControl.

The workhorse of ITT’s PumpSmart family, the PS200 offers process control and pump protection in one package.

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The new SmartFlow feature is a proprietary sensorless flow measurement function which can calculate the flow of a centrifugal pump within ±5% of the pump rated flow without the need for any external instrumentation. This function mathematically models the pump power curve with only four points of CDS pump performance curve data: BEP flow, BEP power, shut off power and rated speed.

Advanced Pump Protection (APP) is an improvement upon the already powerful Torque Based Pump Protection. APP is a sensorless pump protection function that takes into account the hydraulic and mechanical loses associated when changing the speed of a centrifugal pump. A self calibration feature allows for an accurate representation of the pump to ensure the pump is protected at all speeds.

Positive Displacement Pump Protection (PDPP) is a sensorless function that protects a constant torque load such as a positive displacement pump. Because PDPP is used with constant torque loads it does not take into account changes in speed such as APP. PDPP monitors for conditions such as high and low torque which can be an indication the pump has a blocked discharge or a starved suction.

SmartControl is an improved way to control pumps with flat head-capacity curves where a small change in speed can lead to a large change in flow. A flat head-capacity curve can make tuning a pump system difficult, leaving the pump to oscillate around the setpoint. In general, to increase the flow of the pump the speed is increased and subsequently the torque increases as a result. With SmartControl the exact opposite happens -- to increase the flow of the pump the pump torque is increased and subsequently the pump speed follows. The advantage is that the torque performance curve is much steeper relative to speed and can typically yield a control resolution 2-3 times greater then speed.

The PS200 system comes with pre-programmed applications such as pressure, flow, and level control. With the Patent Pending Torque Based Pump Protection (TPP) feature, it can recognize dry run, minimum flow, or runout conditions without the need for external sensors. With the Pump Wear Monitor (PWM), the system will periodically monitor a pump’s performance and automatically issue warnings when pump wear has reduced performance.

The PS200 can also monitor and react to excessive bearing housing vibrations and temperature excursions with the addition of optional 4-20 mA transmitters. It can be integrated seamlessly into an existing control system using an optional Fieldbus control module. The system is available in most common protocols including: Modbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, CAN open, LonWorks, Interbus S, and CS-31.

For more information, visit the ITT PumpSmart website at www.pumpsmart.com.

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