ABS reorganizes into customer segments

As of January 1, 2001, ABS was divided into three business divisions Water & Waste Water, Building Services and Industry.

Jan. 30, 2001--As of January 1, 2001, ABS was divided into three business divisions Water & Waste Water, Building Services and Industry.

"By re-organising our efforts, we will increase our customer focus further and continue to build on our application experience and process knowledge, for the benefit of our customer partners all over the world" says Thomas Widstrand, the President of ABS since September last year.

"It is also a natural step in today's global world to go from an organisation based on countries and regions, into a new phase of strong customer segment orientation".

The largest division, Water & Waste Water, focuses on wastewater and sewage treatment, as well as on water handling applications such as water supply and flood protection, also including dewatering pumps. In this area, ABS will continue to develop strong relations with municipalities, contractors, consultants and other partners. The Business Division Director for Water & Waste Water is Dan Drejenstam.

ABS offers all types of pumps needed for keeping a building running smoothly, including cellar drainage pumps, grinder pumps, sewage pumps and prefabricated pumping stations. The Building Services division offers the wide ABS range within this area, working mainly through wholesalers, retailers and other distribution partners. The Business Division Director for Building Services is David Vinjau.

The Industry division handles sales to industrial customers, including pulp and paper industries where ABS has a leading position in the world market. ABS has delivered process pumps to the pulp and paper industry since the 1870's.

Other industry applic-ations are chemical, sugar, food, pharmaceutical, energy and general industry, and the range offered includes both process pumps and mixers, as well as industrial raw water and effluent treatment solutions. The Business Division Director for Industry is Sten S�derblom.

"We are convinced that our customers will see positive effects of the new organisation, together with an expansion in service that goes along with it. Service is already offered in more than 1,000 locations the world over, and we will expand our efforts in this field even further" says Thomas Widstrand.

Each division is responsible for sales, after sales service and support, all maintaining the prime focus of ABS of providing cost-effective solutions with the lowest possible LCC, Life Cycle Cost.

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