Two major pump associations announce method to address dramatic increases in worldwide energy costs

Responding to the current worldwide energy cost crisis, industries are being driven to seek far-reaching savings alternatives.

PARSIPPANY, N.J., May 24, 2001 — Responding to the current worldwide energy cost crisis, industries are being driven to seek far-reaching savings alternatives.

A solution has been derived in the form of a 200-page reference guide, "Pump Life Cycle Costs: A Guide to LCC Analysis for Pumping Systems," the result of a joint effort by the Hydraulic Institute (HI), the largest association of pump producers and leading suppliers in North America since 1917, and Europump, spokesperson for 15 national pump manufacturing associations in Europe, since 1960.

"With nearly 20 percent of the world's electrical energy consumption accounted for by pumping systems, and with pump usage in individual plant installations accounting for as much as 25 to 50 percent of the total energy consumption, we recognized a real need for optimizing pumping systems design and life cycle cost (LCC) savings guidelines — ones that address each interdependent element in a pumping system," noted Robert Asdal, executive director of HI. Pumps are used in virtually every industrial and commercial enterprise. The energy savings potential, particularly in cases where the pump is being run in process type operations, are very significant.

Optimizing Pumping Systems

Pump users, suppliers and designers can optimize pumping systems and recognize significant cost savings by applying methods within the new comprehensive LCC guide. It describes the essential pumping system components and shows, step-by-step, the considerations necessary to specify, design and operate the system for minimum life cycle cost. Contained is a complete model for estimating total costs for the life of a pumping system including procuring, running, maintaining and disposing of plant and associated equipment.

Free Downloadable Summary

"Whether replacing, upgrading or installing a new system, the most convenient opportunity to influence a system's LCC is when it's procured," noted Asdal. "We see this guide as a key resource and hope it will serve as the industry's standard reference for LCC evaluation." A free 16-page executive summary of the LCC Guide and other cost-saving tools and software can be found in the "Energy" section under "Pump Resources," at

Visitors are invited to sign the HI Guest Book for future energy savings tips and updates. A copy of the $125.00 LCC guide can be ordered online at the HI e-Store and it is available for immediate shipment. Pre-paid orders, including cost of shipment, can also be mailed to HI at 9 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ 07054, USA, or be placed by calling 973-267-9700.

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