BFGoodrich receives $6.9 million engine order for Everglades pumping stations

The BFGoodrich Company's Fairbanks Morse Engine Division will provide engines for new pumps going into the Everglades.

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Feb. 23, 2001 (PRNewswire) —The BFGoodrich Company's (NYSE: GR) Fairbanks Morse Engine Division has received an award from the Flowserve Pump Division valued at over $6.9 million to supply seven Opposed Piston diesel engines and auxiliary equipment.

The engines will be used to drive large Flowserve vertical pumps that will be installed in two new pumping stations (G-370 and G-372) for the South Florida Water Management District. These stations are part of the larger Everglades Construction Project which calls for a combination of constructed wetlands, canals, levees, and pumping stations designed to reduce nutrients in storm- water runoff from the Everglades Agricultural Area. Delivery of the equipment will begin in late 2001.

Three 1,360 horsepower engines and four 1,530 horsepower engines will drive 925 cubic feet per second pumps at the two stations. At rated capacity, the two stations combined will be capable of pumping over 4 billion gallons of water per day.

According to Jay Burnette, Director of Marketing for Fairbanks Morse Engine Division, "The Opposed Piston engine is an ideal choice for vertical pump applications due to its ability to operate at high load factors, even at low speeds. The engine is also able to start under load and complete the priming cycle without the need for a clutching mechanism." Fred Remen, Division Director of Field Operations for the Central Region of the South Florida Water Management District continued, "The Opposed Piston engine operating at 720 rpm provides reliability factors that are attractive to the District. Our pumping stations are often called into action for long periods of time; the Fairbanks Morse engine provides the reliability and dependability needed for this application."

Fairbanks Morse has a long history of providing engines for South Florida Water Management's pumping stations. Station S-5A was completed in 1955 and contained six 10 cylinder engines connected to vertical water pumps. At the time of its completion, S-5A was the largest pump station of its kind in the world.

When the new stations are commissioned, the District will have 48 Fairbanks Morse engines operating in their various pumping stations.

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SOURCE: The BFGoodrich Company

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