Fresh Creek Technologies Inc. to install first TRASHMASTER net capture system

Underground installation at a pumping station on the Bay of Kingston on Lake Ontario is engineered with a bypass vent to an outflow containing the TRASHMASTER stormwater management system...

CEDAR GROVE, NJ, June 21, 2006 -- "After more than two years of research, customer input, development, and testing, we now have our first installation under way," says Clint Holland, President of Fresh Creek. "This major step forward in handling trash, debris and floatables in low flow rate applications is an evolution of our very successful Netting TrashTrap® technology into an application where our larger units, and even competitive units, were not practical or cost effective."

The underground installation at a pumping station on the Bay of Kingston located on Lake Ontario is engineered with a bypass vent to an outflow containing the TRASHMASTER™ system. The pumping station, with no solution available, had for a number of years released the trash and debris into a creek which dumped into Lake Ontario. With the increased commitment by the Canadian Government and the Canadian cities that border the Great Lakes to find solutions to the growing problem of trash and debris being dumped into the lakes, the engineers upgrading the Kingston Pumping Station turned to Fresh Creek. Working together a solution was found in the TRASHMASTER Net Capture System. This system was selected because of the low flow of water passing through the pumping station bypass vent. The TRASHMASTER Net Capture System is designed to address flow rates up to 5 cubic feet per second (cfs), exactly what was needed to meet the design demand. The unit is expected to be fully installed and in operation by July 2006.

The TRASHMASTER Net Capture System is a lightweight, about 750 lbs., roto-molded High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and fiberglass unibody product that is delivered to the site complete and ready to install using available equipment such as a backhoe. With custom-engineered couplings the system can handle pipe diameters up to 24-inches. The ends, which are formed as part of the roto-molding, are pre-cut and coupled to assure an accurate field fit. The system measure 8'L x 3.5'W x 3.5'H with a 3-foot wide top mounted access hatch to provide easy replacement of the capture net. All internals, other than the net, are constructed of 316 stainless steel giving the unit an expected 25-year use life.

"This is a rugged unit", says Holland, "the ribbed design is engineered to withstand the pressure found in underground installations without the expense and delay associated with standard concrete units. The TRASHMASTER Net Capture System is perfectly suited for various applications from industrial, commercial, and residential stormwater systems, to farm stormwater and run-off, to parking lot stormwater trash capture, to small combined sewer overflows."

Based in Cedar Grove, NJ, Fresh Creek Technologies ( provides innovative Netting TrashTrap Best Management Practice (BMP) products and services for the stormwater and combined sewer overflow (SSO/CSO) markets.


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