WorldWater files patent for enhanced solar power pumps

"No-Load Motor Cutoff" solution strengthens technology portfolio and can be implemented even in non-solar AC pumping systems. Technology licensing possible...

PENNINGTON, NJ, Oct. 15, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- WorldWater & Power Corp., maker of solar energy systems, has filed for a patent with the U.S. Patent Office that enables its proprietary AquaMaxTM pumping systems to automatically shut down in low-water and low-load conditions, preventing motor damage. The announcement was made by Quentin T. Kelly, WorldWater chairman and CEO.

The "No-Load Motor Cutoff" technology is a key enhancement to WorldWater's AquaMaxTM solar powered pumping systems. It enables the immediate shutdown of the pumping motor in situations where the water level falls below the pump motor's water intake, stopping the flow of water through the pump system.

In such zero-flow -- also referred to as "no-load" -- situations, the pump motors can start to run at dangerously high speeds, leading to overheating and motor burn-out. Water levels can drop below operational levels for a variety of common reasons, including seasonal variations in water supply, or through over-pumping -- situations where pumps extract water from wells or other water supplies faster than it is replaced.

All submersible AC electric pump motors -- whether solar or conventionally powered -- must be equipped to shut down in response to no-load situations to avoid serious damage. WorldWater's no-load technology can be readily adapted for any AC motors.

WorldWater's cutoff switch solution works by electronically comparing motor speed and power consumption to detect no-load conditions and trigger safety shut-downs. It performs more reliably and cost effectively than previous motor cutoff methods, such as traditional electro-mechanical float-switch systems, according to Kelly. WorldWater may license the technology to conventional pump and motor control manufacturers.

"The no-load motor cutoff method is another important step in our ability to provide value for customers of our AquaMax solar powered pumping systems," said Kelly

About WorldWater & Power
WorldWater & Power Corp. ( is a full-service, international solar engineering and water management company with unique, high-powered and patented solar technology that provides solutions to a broad spectrum of the world's water supply and energy problems. The company's recently patented AquaMax solar pumping systems are capable of driving motors up to 600 horsepower.


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