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The new 511X Wrench Kit from Lowell is designed for rugged applications commonly found in plant maintenance, repair, operation and production as well as construction and pipeline work.

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Wrench kit

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The new 511X Wrench Kit from Lowell is designed for rugged applications commonly found in plant maintenance, repair, operation and production as well as construction and pipeline work. The kit includes the Model 51QR ratchet handle and five deep well sockets. All components are packaged in a heavy duty molded plastic case. Each socket is 3 ½" long and the wrench features the company’s Bolt-Thru design. This feature allows bolts to pass entirely through the arm head so that nuts can be secured on any threaded length.
Lowell Corp.
Worcester, MA
Tel: 800-456-9355

Valve automation

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Asahi/America has introduced the Fast Pack, a new concept in valve automation. The company has prepackaged over 125 of its most popular valve and actuator combinations in easy-to-order configurations. Packages feature Series 92 or 94 electric actuators or Series 79 pneumatic actuators mounted on Type 21 PVC Ball Valves or Type 57 PVC Butterfly Valves. Ideally suited for applications featuring harsh media environments, packages are available in ½" to 4" in ball valves and 1 ½" to 8” in butterfly valves.
Asahi/America Inc.
Malden, MA
Tel: 781-321-5409

Vibration transmitter

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Emerson Process Management has introduced the CSI 9330 Vibration Transmitter to continuously monitor critical rotating machinery for early detection of developing mechanical issues. The device can be deployed on any asset, but is typically installed on motor-fan, motor-pump, motor-compressor and cooling tower applications. Once installed, it converts the analog output of an ICP® accelerometer into a 4-20mA signal, proportional to monitored vibration, and also delivers patented PeakVue® measurements which provide additional insight into the condition of rotating element bearings and gear boxes.
Emerson Process Management
Tel: 512-832-3089

Instrumentation seals

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Reotemp’s mini-seal provides an economical way to isolate instrumentation from the process media when high sensitivity is not required or space is limited. The mini-seal’s compact nature makes it a choice for use with a variety of instrumentation including pressure gauges, transducers and switches. They come in three configurations: low volume; high pressure; and standard volume with larger diaphragm. Choose either a ¼" or ½" NPT for the instrument and process connections.
Reotemp Instrument Corp.
San Diego CA
Tel: 800-648-7737

Storm drain markers

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Almetek Industries has developed a stainless steel storm drain marker that will last decades and is theft-resistant. The sandblasted backside and curved edge provide an exceptional adhesion point that will stick to any surface. The 3-D embossing and customizable aluminum insert give these markers an attractive look that fits comfortably in its surroundings.
Almetek Industries Inc.
Hackettstown, NJ
Tel: 800-248-2080

Valve actuator management

Flowserve has developed a Device Type Manager (DTM) for the Limitorque MX actuator. The new Profibus DP-V1/PA DTM V 1.0 software significantly reduces commissioning time, maintenance and related operating costs. It improves productivity by enabling direct interaction between the user and the valve actuator using FDT-DTM technology. With the system, users can commission a new actuator in about 20 minutes. The software contains device-specific application information.
Flowserve Corp.
Dallas, TX

Backflow test kit

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Dwyer Instruments has released its new series BTK Backflow Prevention Test Kit. The kit is capable of testing hydronic systems with test procedures including those recommended by ASSE, AWWA, CSA, FCCC, HR-USC and NEWWA. It possesses a quick release latch pin mechanism and a new manifold design. The tests can be performed with the gage mounted in the case or removed from the case. The BTK-1 is comprised of five valves and is specially designed for testing backflow prevention assemblies.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.
Michigan City, IN
Tel: 800-872-9141

Non-clog pumps

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ITT has added the former A-C Pump non-clog, split case and column pumps to its Flygt family. The addition of the “Heritage A-C” product line expands Flygt’s treatment plant offering to include a complete assortment of dry installed bearing frame pumps with flows to 1,500,000 gpm.
ITT Water & Wastewater USA Inc.
Trumbull, CT
Tel: 203-610-0853

Hypochlorite generation

Ideal for municipal drinking water disinfection applications, the OSEC® B-Pak on-site sodium hypochlorite generation system provides all of the necessary components for the production of sodium hypochlorite. The system’s packaged design offers a smaller footprint and significantly lowers installation costs. Its “plug & play” concept simplifies consulting engineer design work and makes the system particularly suited to retrofit applications that have space constraints.
Siemens Water Technologies
Bradley, IL
Tel: 815-929-4112

Street sweeper

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Elgin Sweeper is making its sweepers available on the Nissan Diesel UD3300 chassis with 2007 emission engines. New regulations for on-highway diesel powered vehicles require the use of new “clean diesel” engines that reduce particulate emissions by 90 percent and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and hydrocarbon emissions by more than 50 percent. Beginning with the 2009 model year chassis that are scheduled to arrive within the next month, Elgin Sweeper units will meet the ultra-low NOx California five-minute idle law exemption.
Elgin Sweeper
Elgin, IL
Tel: 847-741-5370

Mobile time clock

Exaktime has introduced PocketClock/GPS, software that transforms a Windows® Mobile PDA into a portable timeclock that uses GPS technology to record the exact location of mobile workers as they clock in and out. Like having a permanent on-site timeclock at every jobsite, the automatic GPS location fix provides assurance that the crew is at the correct location when they clock in and when they clock out. In addition to accurately tracking total hours worked, individuals can select the type of work they are doing each time they clock in, allowing managers to track work by cost code.
Los Angeles, CA
Tel: 888-788-8463

Butterfly valve

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GF Piping Systems has introduced the new Type 567 Butterfly Valve in sizes up to 12". The new corrosion-resistant valve incorporates a double eccentric operating principle that provides improved wear and easier operation over traditional eccentric style butterfly valves. Key to the valve’s double eccentric disk design is the off-center shaft that allows the disc to completely disengage from the disc seal, even when partially open.
GF Piping Systems
Tustin, CA
Tel: 800-854-4090

Flow meter

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The new DFM 5.0 Doppler Flow Meter from Greyline Instruments measures flow from outside a pipe. The strap-on ultrasonic sensor mounts on any pipe ½" ID or larger. The meter is suited for “difficult” liquids like wastewater, sludge, slurries, abrasives or any liquid with bubbles or suspended solids. Calibration and start-up is simple with the built-in 5-button keypad. Standard features include a large, backlit display and totalizer, isolated 4-20mA output and two control relays.
Greyline Instruments Inc.
Massena, NY
Tel: 888-473-9546

Meter data management

The new Itron Enterprise Edition™ Meter Data Management version 6.0. is designed for the collection, validation, calculation, and management of utility metering data for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), automated metering (AMR), and commercial and industrial metering deployments. It includes a number of significant enhancements, including a new application called Mass Market Customer Care that enables residential mass market customers to manage their energy and water usage and costs.
Itron Inc.
Liberty Lake, WA
Tel: 866-374-8766

Joint sealant

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The Steelcote Division of Chemline offers Chemthane 1350, a 100% solids (Zero VOC), aliphatic polyurethane concrete joint-filling compound for applications requiring high elongation. The chemical resistant, two component (2:1 mix ratio) elastomeric polymer holds up to moisture, mildly acidic or mildly alkaline environments. According to information provided by the company, the product provides protection for expansion joints, cracks, and construction joints.
St. Louis, MO
Tel: 314-664-2230

Level switches

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Hawk Measurement has introduced a new line of point level switches for conductive liquids. The Gladiator Conductivity Smart Switch Series is suitable for any situation where it is necessary to check the level of liquid in a tank, including high or low level alarms, constant level control, pump control, and empty tank detection. A low voltage AC signal is applied between the probe electrode and the tank wall (or reference electrode in case of a non-metallic tank).
Hawk Measurement
Tel: 888-429-5538

Power distribution cabinet

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The new FirstLine® OC power distribution cabinet from Staco Energy Products provides the a flexible power distribution solution. The cabinet, which is customizable to fit virtually any application, reduces installation time by providing maintenance bypass, branch circuit distribution and voltage transformation in a single cabinet. With up to 96 branch circuit breakers with or without main panel disconnect circuit breakers, the cabinet simplifies the installation, moving, or changing of electrical equipment.
Staco Energy Products Co.
Dayton, OH
Tel: 866-261-1191

Thermoplastic tanks

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A specially engineered thermoplastic tank designed for storage and transfer of corrosive fluids is now available for outdoor service. Available from Vanton Pump, the 800-gallon tank can be placed in or above the ground, even in direct sunlight. All molded and extruded components are from polypropylene resin specially compounded with a powerful UV inhibitor. All Vanton standard and custom engineered pump/tank systems feature fluid contact components made of polypropylene or other thermoplastics including polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).
Vanton Pump
Hillside, NJ
Tel: 908-688-4216

Asset management

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Wallingford Software has released InfoNet v 9.0, the latest version of its asset management software solution for the water and wastewater industries. Analysis of water network data and integration of network data with other corporate systems dominate a long list of new and enhanced features. The system’s strengths in water network data integration and analysis have led to its use in asset planning, asset performance and control, operations and engineering departments. V9.0 includes a number of enhancements to the collection of network data.
Wallingford Software
Fort Worth, TX
Tel: 817-370-2425

pH, ORP probes

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Analytical Measurements is a manufacturer of pH and ORP probes for various industrial, municipal, field, and laboratory applications. The company offers an extensive line of probes in various mounting configurations and cable lengths. The pH and ORP probes combine glass electrode and reference electrode into one integral unit so that measurements can be made in the field under the most adverse conditions. Standard BNC connections are used or custom connections can be provided for use on other make instruments.
Analytical Measurements
Hillside, NJ
Tel: 800-635-5580

Propeller flow meter

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The Mc®Propeller Model MO300SW Reverse-Helix Flow Meter from McCrometer sheds a variety of organic and inorganic debris and resists sand typically associated with flow measurement in surface and water well applications to increase measurement accuracy, reduce maintenance requirements and lower total operating costs. The meter has a reverse-helix design propeller and comes in a bolt-on saddle configuration suitable for use in line sizes from 4" to 12".
Hemet, CA
Tel: 800-220-2279

Meter reading software

Schneider Electric has incorporated PrimeReadSM software into its product lineup. Designed by Primestone Corp., a developer of automated meter reading technologies, PrimeRead software aids utilities in the automated collection and management of metering data. The multivendor, multinetwork software supports a full complement of current communications network technologies and meter types, enabling the use of new technologies as they emerge.
Schneider Electric
Palatine, IL
Tel: 847-397-2600

Remote monitoring

The Sensaphone SCADA 3000 remote monitoring system is now available with Ethernet capabilities. This new feature allows facility managers and other approved personnel to access live status, alarm history and other advanced information from any computer within a specified computer network. The device connects to a PC host comes packaged with Windows®-compatible software to track 16 universal inputs and eight relay outputs.
Aston, PA
Tel: 877-373-2700

Metering pump

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The Moyno® Metering Pump is designed for metering low-flow liquids in a wide range of processing applications including dosing and sampling. The progressing cavity design results in a smooth flow free from pulsations and variations in velocity and volume. This prevents material waste or mixture imbalance. The pumps have sealed universal joints, offer flow rates from 0.1 gph to 190 gph; pressure to 300 psi and are available in a wide variety of materials of construction.
Moyno Inc.
Springfield, OH
Tel: 877-486-6966

Corrosion protection

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Sauereisen manufactures sealants, corrosion barriers and substrate repair materials for the protection and restoration of wastewater infrastructure. From collection systems to treatment facilities, the company offers materials to resist acidic environments and to prevent water inflow & infiltration. These products accommodate both rehab and preventive maintenance. The company’s products combine material science and easy application.
Pittsburgh, PA
Tel: 412-963-0303

Chlorine regulator vent

Severn Trent Services has introduced the Capital Controls® Type Vega™, a disposable chlorinator vacuum regular vent, gas arrestor designed to treat occasional chlorine gas vent releases that normally accompany chlorine container changeovers. The field-tested unit prevents nuisance tripping of chlorine room air sensor alarms; helps compliance with local, state and federal code restrictions against exhausting chlorine fumes outside of a building; and keeps the building free from chlorine-related acid corrosion.
Severn Trent Services
Fort Washington, PA

Brass relief valves

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Norman Noe offers brass relief valves that help control water system pressure when your water storage tank is “off line.” The valves are installed on fire hydrants and allow users to pump water directly into the system safely and efficiently for inspection, painting or various emergencies while the water storage tank is out of service. The adjustable valves are preset at 65 psi and come complete with brass fireplug and fire hose discharge adapters and pressure gauge.
Norman Noe Co.
Nineveh, IN
Tel: 317-933-2274

Bag filter

Th 285967
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Rosedale Products has introduced the NCO, a versatile bag and cartridge filter system. The system allows the operator to use standard bag filters with the option of switching to high dirt holding or high performance filter cartridges. The NCO incorporates a newly designed hinged, removable, eyenut cover. The filter is rated to 150 psi and offers versatility for any piping arrangement.
Rosedale Products Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI
Tel: 734-665-8201

Epoxy lining

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Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine Coatings has introduced ExpressCote HCR, a chemical resistant glass flake-filled epoxy novolac lining. It is specifically designed to protect steel and concrete from chemicals and solvents at ambient and elevated temperatures. The new lining offers a return to full service in as little as 24 hours and “walk-on” condition within five hours when applied at 77 degrees F/50%RH. This 100% solids epoxy has no volatile organic compounds, and offers one-coat protection up to 50 mils and edge retention exceeding 70%.
Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine
Cleveland, OH

Temperature, humidity monitoring

Th 285969
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Water quality engineers tracking temperature conditions affecting water quality can now have the convenience of both real-time data and the ability to download data for further analysis with the redesigned Dickson Graph-at-a-Glance Flat Panel Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers. The data loggers are paperless chart recorders that provide a digital graph enabling quality managers to immediately visualize environmental trends that have potentially affected water quality.
Dickson Co.
Addison, IL
Tel: 800-757-3747

Asset management

The new Oracle® Utilities Work and Asset Management suite will allow utilities to take advantage of out-of-the-box integration with the company’s Application Server MapViewer, a component of its Fusion Middleware. The MapViewer displays geospatial data from a number of sources, including the company’s Database & Spatial systems, utilities’ GIS systems and external geospatial Web sites. The integration will enable utilities to use the spatial query capabilities within Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management to identify assets of interest, including those associated with work orders, and then “see” these assets in a map context with a single click.
Oracle Utilities
Redwood Shores, CA

Water level monitoring

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The Solinst Levelogger Gold is now SDI-12 compatible, which can simplify integration of water level data into a SCADA/PLC network. Users simply connect the device to an SDI-12 data logging device using the Interface Cable supplied by Solinst. Communication can be up to 1500 ft.. New and existing customers can take advantage of this feature.
Solinst Canada Ltd.
Georgetown, Ontario
Tel: 905-873-2255

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