Hydro International’s Hydro-Jet® Screen, a screening system for the removal of material greater than 4mm in two directions, has no power requirements and no moving parts, yet is self-cleaning and self-activating.

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CSO screening system

Th 0510wwhydro Int Hjs1
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Hydro International’s Hydro-Jet® Screen, a screening system for the removal of material greater than 4mm in two directions, has no power requirements and no moving parts, yet is self-cleaning and self-activating. The screen can be used for various applications including the retrofit of existing CSO structures, or simply packaged as a standalone unit. The system differs from conventional screens in that the flow is passed across the surface of the screen rather than perpendicular to it. Material deposited on the screen is continually removed by the scouring action of water flowing across the surface. This cleansing action is enhanced by an air regulated siphon that forces air from beneath the screen, which helps prevent build up on the screen panels.
Hydro International
Portland, ME Tel: 207-756-6200

Water circulation system

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Pump Systems Inc. offers the SolarBee® solar powered floating circulator. The systems can draw up to 10,000 gpm from below the machine and spread it across the top of a reservoir in a near-laminar-flow manner for long-distance coverage and continuous surface renewal. The circulator can draw water from over 100 feet or as little as 1.5 feet below the surface and be installed in water depths as shallow as three feet. It’s mixing action accelerates the biological and chemical processes that clean up wastewater, freshwater, and potable water.
Pump Systems Inc.
Dickinson, ND
Tel: 866-437-8076

Stormwater screening

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The Enviropod™ catch basin insert is a low-cost stormwater treatment solution. It removes a significant portion of trash, debris and other pollutants from water entering the storm drain, and is installed in catch basins and curb inlets. Using passive screening, the system can be customized to meet site-specific requirements with several available mesh screens and oil-absorbent media. It is effective as a pretreatment device for use in conjunction with other stormwater treatment systems such as hydrodynamic devices, filtration systems, ponds, swales and wetlands.
Portland, OR
Tel: 800-548-4667

Pressure reducing valves

Th 0510wwapollo A127lf
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Apollo® is now offering a line of pressure reducing valves to maintain constant lower downstream pressure regardless of fluctuations in supply and demand, including low flow. The pilot valve on each model operates free of pressure fall off. Designated the A127 LF Series, the new pressure reducing valve is available from Conbraco Industries. Its design combines a regulator by-pass and a pilot-operated main valve with two smaller PRVs and a strainer. Suggested applications include zone pressure controls in municipal and industrial water systems. The series is available in six sizes, from 1 ¼" to 6". Rated operating temperature extends from 32ºF to 180ºF. The new models feature an epoxy coated body and bonnet, stainless steel spring and stem, long-wearing seat disc, bronze seat ring and nylon reinforced diaphragm. Standard outlet setting from the factory is 25 to 75 psi. Options include 10 to 35 psi low setting and a 75 to 125 psi high setting. Higher pressure settings and various body materials are available upon request.
Conbraco Industries
Matthews, NC
Tel: 704-841-6000

Wireless monitoring

Th 0510wwge Geartrak
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GE Industrial, Sensing, offers GearTrak™, a wireless equipment health monitoring system. The stand-alone package is designed to simplify the task of monitoring temperature and other measurement parameters. Typical applications include monitoring pump temperatures and water level or flow. The system consists of three components: a wireless sensor module that sends measurement data over the 300MHz ISM radio frequency band to a repeater; a repeater that relays the sensor data to the base station using the 900MHz ISM frequency; and software that enables the user to view, trend, and alarm the measurements for proactive control. The system can be used independently or integrated with existing monitoring systems.
GE Industrial, Sensing
Billerica, MA
Tel: 732-650-2210

Laboratory fluorometer

Th 0510wwturner Trilogy
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Turner Designs has released the Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer. The compact, multifunctional laboratory instrument uses snap-in Application Modules to measure fluorescence, absorbance and turbidity. It features a Touch-Panel graphics user interface for intuitive operation and calibration. Eighteen named calibrations can be stored in the instrument to save calibration time. Fluorescence modules are available for chlorophyll a, (extractive acidification and non-acidification plus in vivo), rhodamine and fluorescein dye, cyanobacteria (phycocyanin and phycoerythrin pigments), CDOM and ammonium. For extracted chlorophyll measurements using EPA 445, Trilogy automatically calculates the concentration using the filtered and solvent volumes. Its module uses an IR LED with a wavelength of 860 nm to meet ISO 7027 requirements for turbidity water quality measurements.
Turner Designs
Sunnyvale, CA
Tel: 408-212-4063


Th 191041
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George Fischer’s Signet 2551 Magmeter, an insertion style electro-magnetic flow sensor, has been enhanced to provide increased functionality with built-in display, empty pipe detection and bi-directional flow capabilities. These features, combined with its new availability in PVDF/Hastelloy C wetted parts, broaden the unit’s capabilities to meet a wide range of application needs. With no moving parts to wear or foul, the 2551 measures flow in fluids containing a high content of particles, solids and fibers, making it an excellent choice for applications with dirty fluids. With the new built-in display, the unit provides an all-in-one, integral device that allows local measurement readings, thus reducing the number of separate components required at the sensing point.
George Fischer Inc.
Tustin, CA
Tel: 800-854-4090

Level, pressure transducers

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Pressure Systems, manufacturer of KPSI™ Level and Pressure Transducers, now offers an open-face nose cap for its waterMonitor submersible datalogging level transducers. The new variation of the nose cap, which allows maximum contact with the liquid media, is ideal for wastewater and greasy applications where a sensor may become clogged. The monitor can store up to 600,000 level, temperature, and time stamp measurements. The transducer’s RS-485 electrical interface uses SDI-12 protocol with selectable baud rates up to 19,200. The monitor provides an accuracy of +0.05% FS Total Error Band (TEB) and can meet the demanding accuracy specifications of the US Geological Survey (USGS) Office of Surface Water.
Pressure Systems Inc.
Hampton, VA
Tel: 800-678-7226

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