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Pipe couplers

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Hancor’s split band coupler line for corrugated pipe is now available in 36" and 48", allowing the company to offer a complete range of lightweight polyethylene external snap and split band couplers from 4" to 48". The thermoformed polyethylene process employed in their construction delivers increased stability in dimensional size and control. When installed, the couplers cover four full corrugations - two on each side of the joint.

Findlay, OH Tel: 888-367-7473

Water monitoring

The new Event Monitor™ Trigger System from Hach applies industry-unique software to ‘learn’ the combinations of water quality sensor measurements related to distribution network events. It builds an inherent library of monitoring patterns for real-time recognition when they recur. This continuous intelligent surveillance helps utilities react quickly to water network changes.

Hach Company
Loveland, CO
Tel: 800-604-3493 Web:

Wet weather analysis

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ADS® Environmental Services, which provides wet weather analysis services, introduces™, a set of online engineering tools designed for examining wastewater collection system dry and wet weather flow data. The website provides rigorous performance measurements, in one-tenth the time of other analysis tools, assuring that rehabilitation dollars can be correctly targeted. The site assimilates data into calculations with multiple ‘what-ifs’. It generates repeatable data in seconds, reducing labor and answering questions about collection system performance.

ADS Environmental Services
Huntsville, AL
Tel: 256-430-6558

Knife gate valve

The new 14"-24" Fabri-Valve XS150 knife gate valves, available from ITT Industries’ Engineered Process Solutions Group, are designed using the same platform that has made the 2"-12" XS150 sizes successful. The knife gate design eliminates the leakage paths at the transition point between the perimeter seal and the chest seal, a problem that is common to other high performance knife gate valve designs. The new gates feature a one-piece perimeter seal that provides bi-directional bubble tight shutoff. The seal is double-locked in the valve body, a design innovation that keeps the perimeter seal secure within its groove. The valves are suited for use in harsh operating conditions.

ITT Industries, Eng. Process Solutions Group
Lancaster, PA
Tel: 318-255-6845

pH/temperature measurement

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The YSI® EcoSense® pH 10 pH/Temperature Pen, available from Forestry Suppliers, features a graphic display that provides simple on-screen instructions and a “hold” feature to lock readings on the display. Other features include a 50-set memory (pH, temperature, date and time stamp), automatic temperature compensation, automatic calibration (1-, 2-, or 3-point), buffer recognition, and IP-67 waterproof housing.

Forestry Suppliers Inc.
Jackson, MS
Tel: 601-354-3565

Ozone generators

Spartan Environmental Technologies has signed a sole distribution agreement for the US and Canada with Ozono Elettronica Internazionale (OEI) covering their entire line of ozone generating systems for water and air purification. OEI (Milan, Italy) has been manufacturing ozone generators and engineering turn key ozonation systems for over 30 years.

Spartan Environmental Technologies, LLC
Mentor, OH
Tel: 440-368-3563


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Godwin Pumps has introduced a new line of generators from 20 kW to 350 kW. The diesel-powered portable generators include a programmable microprocessor control panel with remote starting capabilities and automatic warning and shutdown features to monitor, protect and control engine and generator operations.

Godwin Pumps
Bridgeport, NJ
Tel: 856-467-3636

Mapping system

With the newest release of Freeance, the ArcIMS rapid application developer available from the TDC Group, alternate legends within Web mapping sites are now possible for the first time. Freeance Release 3.2 allows system administrators to create alternate legends for any GIS layer published by standard ArcIMS sites. These alternate legends are easily constructed in the administration software, a point-and-click, nonprogramming environment.

TDC Group Inc
Dayton, OH
Tel: 937-461-2000

Tablet disinfection system

Severn Trent Services has obtained NSF Standard 61 certification on its ClorTab™ high volume pressure tablet feeder systems. The certification is a nationally recognized health effects standard for all devices, components and materials that contact drinking water. The Standard 61 certification is applicable to the 60 and 120 pound per day (PPD) ClorTab systems. The systems are available with output capacities up to 120 PPD and can produce either a 0.9wt% or 5.0wt% equivalent hypochlorite solution.

Severn Trent Services
Fort Washington, PA
Tel: 215-283-3478

Zebra mussel coating

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Cook Legacy Coating offers the Jacquelyn™ coating system designed to stop zebra mussels from attaching to surfaces. Five years ago the company installed a screen coated with the product in zebra mussel-infested water at Vergennes-Panton Water District in Vermont. According to the site operators, zebra mussels have not attached to the screen. In addition to the long term study of the coating on a passive screen, the company has tested the coating with the US Government, the Copper Development Association, several utility companies, and an independent environmental laboratory.

Cook Legacy Coating Co.
Canal Winchester, OH
Tel: 614-833-4745

Foam control

Eastern Color & Chemical Co. has introduced two new products for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. The company’s ECCO Defoamer BD-200 is designed to eliminate biologically induced foam in aerations basins and other treatment tankage. It can be used for a quick kill by direction application to foam or as a preventative by continuous addition at 5-20 ppm up-stream of the aeration basins. ECCO Defoamer CF-3 MOD is designed to prevent surfactant and biological induced foam.

Eastern Color & Chemical Co.
Providence, RI
Tel: 401-331-9000

Pressure sewer system

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Crane Pumps has announced the release of the new Barnes® brand EcoTRAN™ residential basin package for use in Pressure Sewer systems. The system collects and grinds residential sewage in an underground basin and transmits the waste under pressure to a remote private or municipal waste treatment plant. The system offers simple installation. The lower basin is always the same and the riser pipe is adjusted to the desired depth on the day of installation.

Crane Pumps and Systems
Piqua, OH
Tel: 937-773-2442

Hydrant relief valve

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An optional swivel (valve to hydrant) adapter is available as an option for Norman Noe’s standard 2 1/2” Brass Relief Valve. The valve comes standard with a fire hose adapter. However, the optional swivel will allow operators to better direct the discharge water. The brass relief valve is used anytime a water storage tank is drained or bypassed due to painting, repairs, or emergencies.

Norman Noe Co., Inc.
Nineveh, IN
Tel: 317-933-2274

Steam cleaner

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Sioux Steam Cleaner offers a line of application-specific pressure washers, steam cleaners and combination units that are ideal for cleaning tanks, grit collectors, belt thickeners, and process equipment in wastewater treatment plants. The line of all-electric models heats the cleaning water with electricity, rather than from oil-fired or gas-fired burners. Heaters are fully-rated to the stated water flow, so storage tanks are not required and water temperature is available instantly, and for unlimited time periods.

Sioux Steam Cleaner Corp.
Beresford, SD
Tel: 888-763-8833

Blower package

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A new factory-engineered blower package, designed to operate 8,000 hours or more between scheduled maintenance, has been introduced by Dresser Roots. The EasyAir™8000 is a compact, pre-assembled, skid-mounted blower unit with all piping, valves, and instrumentation in place. Produced for both vacuum and pressure applications, the new package features a powder-coated noise enclosure for durability and quiet operation plus access for service/maintenance.

Dresser Roots
Houston, TX
Tel: 877-363-7668

Gas detection system

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The Jupiter gas detection system (Model HVS4000) is a new product from Halogen Valve Systems. The system monitors and reports a variety of information about hazardous and toxic gases to a SCADA system or other electronic monitoring equipment. Features include indication of sensor life, 250 vAC - 8 amp settable relays, three-digit visual display, dual redundant MODBUS communications and 4-20 mA proportional gas level output.

Halogen Valve Systems
Irvine, CA
Tel: 877-476-4222

Diaphragm pump

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The Series 500-E “dia-Pump” from Neptune Chemical Pump Co. enables users of packed piston pumps to upgrade to the performance advantages of a true hydraulic diaphragm pump. Economy is achieved by using a simplified liquid end for low- to medium-viscosity fluids such as disinfection chemicals and acids. Diaphragm pumps eliminate the need for greasing and replacement of the packing.

Neptune Chemical Pump Co.
Lansdale, PA
Tel: 215-699-8700

Valve vaults

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Gorman-Rupp’s Valve Vaults are compact, weather- and vandal-resistant custom engineered systems. The units are available above ground, below ground or on a mounting foundation (as shown) and can house pressure-reducing, surge control or altitude valves, or flowmeters. The above ground enclosures are corrosion-, and mildew-resistant fiberglass and have access doors on both sides to ease inspection and maintenance duties.

Gorman-Rupp Co.
Mansfield, OH
Tel: 419-755-1011

Pocket laser tachometer

Monarch Instrument has released the new PLT200, a battery-powered portable optical tachometer. The device operates up to 25 feet from a reflective target using a laser light source. It offers remote sensor and remote contact capabilities. The ergonomic design allows safe, direct line-of-sight viewing of both the target and the display as the same time.

Monarch Instrument
Amherst, NH
Tel: 800-999-3390


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Hanna Instruments has introduced new mini-controllers with compact size and simplicity of design for installation and integration into almost any existing water quality monitoring system. The new BL Series Mini-Controllers are durable and provide monitoring and control of pH, ORP, TDS, EC, and resistivity. Each model is a single set-point controller designed to control the operation of a pump, valve or mechanical device for dosing, filling and emptying tanks and rerouting flow.

Hanna Instruments
Woonsocket, RI
Tel: 800-504-2662

Reagent recycling

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Hach is now offering a Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Reagent recycling program. After placing an order for COD Recycling, customers will receive a Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved, sealable recycling container appropriate for their reagent quantity, along with prepared documents.

Hach Inc.
Loveland, CO
Tel: 800-227-4224


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Designed to provide a seamless migration strategy for USFilter’s existing Autocon, Consolidated Electric, and Dynamic Systems line of controllers and RTU’s, the IntraLink™ LC3000 Controller has the capacity, scalability and intelligence to perform as a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), Master Terminal Unit (MTU) or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

USFilter Corp.
Warrendale, PA

Wobble stator pumps

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seepex has introduced a line of “wobble-stator” pumps for general and commercial pumping applications. This design significantly reduces the price of progressive cavity pumps and repair parts. Special elastomers and the unique design of the stator increase both performance and longevity. The new design has higher volumetric efficiencies than previous designs.

seepex, Inc.
Enon, OH
Tel: 937-864-7150

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