High performance flow control

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High performance flow controlContent Dam Ww Print Articles 2016 03 1603wwprd P07 Riko Edit

The RIKO® Plunger Valve from Rodney Hunt is designed to control the flow of water under pressure while minimizing cavitation and vibration. It is ideal for in-line energy dissipation and free-discharge applications, and is NSF-61-certified for contact with drinking water. Superior design directs the flow around the inner core within the valve body. This balances the pressure within the valve, prevents damaging cavitation, and eliminates vibration. The unique plunger seating profile - with a downstream profile ring and piston quad O-ring - creates a drip-tight shut-off. The high strength ductile iron body with epoxy coating, internal stainless steel components, fully enclosed shaft bearings, and bronze overlay piston guides create long-term corrosion resistance and long life. With over 70 years of service, RIKO® Plunger Valves have never needed a replacement component due to wear or corrosion.

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