Tecnium Pumps' BT Series cantilevered pump has no mechanical seal, bearings, or bushings in the liquid.

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Thermoplastic pumps

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Tecnium Pumps’ BT Series cantilevered pump has no mechanical seal, bearings, or bushings in the liquid. The pumps, available from Shanley Pump & Equipment, run dry indefinitely. Impellers and casings are machined to exact specifications from solid plastic and are designed to handle solids. The shaft is incased in a replaceable plastic sleeve and has a reinforced plastic column for extra strength.

Shanley Pump & Equipment Inc.
Arlington Heights, IL
Tel: 847-439-9200 Web:

Commercial meters

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Sensus Metering Systems has released a new line of commercial meters. The Omni Meter, using patented Floating Ball Technology (FBT), can increase revenue and streamline utility operations. The FBT measurement chamber employs a ball-shaped impeller design that is weightless in water. This design concept enables the meter to measure both extremely low flows as well as expand the meter’s high flow rate capability. The ball-shaped impeller is the only moving part in the water and virtually frictionless in its measurement, thus increasing overall meter service life.

Sensus Metering Systems
Uniontown, PA Tel: 800-638-3748 Web:

Flocculants, coagulants

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Ciba Specialty Chemicals supplies high performance organic flocculants and coagulants for use in sludge dewatering applications. Its Zetag® products improve conventional dewatering processes by agglomerating fines into larger particles and enhancing solid/liquid separation. The company’s chemical technology serves to clarify industrial and municipal wastewater effluents for discharge or recycling. Ciba® Magnasol® LT products are certified by NSF/ANSI for the treatment of potable water. Products are supplied in both liquid and dry physical forms, depending on specific needs. They also come in a variety of container sizes to accommodate specific processes. Ciba also offers chemical application and dose control equipment for water treatment systems.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp.
Suffolk, VA
Tel: 757-538-3700

Flow monitoring

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With a low-power microprocessor design, the new digital FlowComTM Register from McCrometer provides simultaneous flow rate and volumetric totalized flow data for the company’s Water Specialties Propeller MeterTM in a wide range of water monitoring applications. Designed to replace electro-mechanical counters, the Model FC101 features a two-line display. The five-digit top line of the display indicates flow rate and the eight digit bottom line of the display provides volumetric flow data. Up to 22 different output measurement units, including gallons, cubic feet and liters, are user selectable. It is ideal for local direct reading and remote or large SCADA monitoring applications in a wide range of water applications. With its remote-mount option, the FC101 can be mounted away from confined spaces where combustible and hazardous gases may be present.

Hemet, CA
Tel: 800-220-2279

Interface level sensor

Hawk Measurement Systems has introduced its new ORCA Sonar Series Interface level transmitter, which provides a wide range of sonar transducer frequencies to yield comprehensive and continuous interface level measurement. Featuring industrial scum-cleaning mechanisms that require virtually no maintenance, the series transducers are continually cleaned, helping improve accuracy. Offering a CDMA modem for remote technical and diagnostic support, the new system hardware generates dual analog independent outputs to simultaneously track separate interfaces.

Hawk Measurement Systems
Middleton, MA
Tel: 888-429-5538

Ceramic coatings

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Devcon Brushable Ceramic is a repair epoxy engineered for resistance to abrasion and chemicals at service temperatures up to 350o F. Easily applied by plant personnel, it cures at room temperature to seal and protect new surfaces or recondition old ones, improving the performance and longevity of pump casings, impellers, valves, tanks, and other critical industrial equipment. The coating is a low-viscosity, alumina-filled, epoxy compound that cures to a smooth, long-lasting barrier against wear, abrasion, corrosion, erosion, cavitation, and chemical attack.

Danvers, MA
Tel: 800-933-826

Pipeline inspection

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New laser and sonar profiling tools from Envirosight integrate with Rovver® and SuperVision® inspection crawlers, allowing them to analyze pipe for indications of deformation, corrosion, debris accumulation, and improper liner installation. The laser profiler works above flow lines, and the sonar profiler works below. Each can be used individually, or both simultaneously. The profilers come with software capable of generating a multitude of reports. The profiling hardware consists of a probe which attaches to the head of a crawler. No modification of the crawler is required. The probe is fitted with a laser or sonar profiler, or both. Together with the included profiling software, the probe measures the diameter and concentricity of pipe 4" to 60" in diameter, performing up to 250,000 measurements per minute with ±1% accuracy.

Envirosight LLC
Randolph, NJ Tel: 732-541-8471 Web:

Plug valve

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The Val-Matic Cam-Centric® Plug Valve is suited for wastewater applications. The Plug Valve is a ¼ turn valve allowing low torque actuation for shut-off and throttling service. Standard features include a nickel-welded seat, adjustable Vee-type packing, upper and lower thrust bearings, POP shims and the company’s exclusive Grit-Guard seals. The rectangular 100% Port Full Flow Design gives the advantage of a large and more efficient valve opening that minimizes turbulence, headloss, and energy consumption.

Val-Matic Corp.
Elmhurst, IL
Tel: 630-941-7600

Remote digital display

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Siemens Energy & Automation has released the Sitrans RD100 and RD200 universal remote digital displays. These displays enable users to view and access measurement data from a remote location. Easy to set up and program, the displays can be used with all types of field instruments in varying process conditions. The RD100 is a 2-wire, loop-powered remote digital display. Setup with a simple 2-step configuration allows for quick servicing without interruption of the loop. With its NEMA 4X IP67 enclosure, the display has FM and CSA approvals for use in hazardous environments.

Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.
Alpharetta, GA
Tel: 770-751-2211

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