Software allows Armstrong Pumps to slash design time

Leading supplier of HVAC and fluid flow equipment exceeds customer expectations with RuleStream, allowing it to significantly reduce the time needed to produce fully engineered quotes, complete BOMs, 3D drawings and manufacturing routings from days to hours...

WAKEFIELD, MA, July 14, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- RuleStream Corp., a provider of rules-driven product management (RPM) solutions to the discrete manufacturing industries, reported yesterday that Armstrong Pumps Inc. has significantly reduced the time needed to produce fully engineered quotes, complete BOMs, 3D drawings and manufacturing routings from days to hours with RuleStream's RPM solution.

RuleStream has enabled Armstrong to fully engineer and cost packaged pumping systems at the point of sale, giving them an important advantage over the competition and improved flexibility in responding to changes in customer needs and specifications.

With RuleStream's software, Armstrong has seen benefits such as generating fully engineered quotes in hours instead of days; increasing sales win rate and reducing the time needed to produce engineering drawings and 3D configuration simulations from days to hours.

"We are always looking for better ways to serve our customers in a collaborative fashion. And we're always on the lookout for tools that will help us do that," said Peter Thomsen, Marketing Manager for Strategic Projects, Armstrong Pumps Inc. "With RuleStream automating the engineering design process for our packaged pump assemblies, we can now present detailed engineered solutions at the sales stage, rather than in post-sales engineering-and that gets our prospects interested in our innovative systems early in the game. RuleStream makes it easy to bring new innovations to the commercial construction community.

"Armstrong is a great example of true RPM in action," said Gary Kuba, RuleStream's vice president of marketing. "Not only are they dramatically cutting design time to just hours, but they are able to differentiate themselves from their competition by using RuleStream to sell more of their innovative packaged systems. As a result, both win rate and customer satisfaction improve."

Armstrong Pumps Inc. (, based in North Tonawanda, N.Y., manufactures a broad range of HVAC products -- including residential and commercial hot water recirculation systems; specialty flow control valves, tank fittings, air chargers, tank drainers, circuit balancing valves and suction guides, combination check/throttling/shutoff valves, space- saving expansion tanks and computerized flow meters, as well as heat exchangers and horizontal and vertical pumps. Armstrong also is one of the world's leading suppliers of pressure booster systems and fire pump systems, and an extensive line of turbine systems, sewage and sump systems for industrial and commercial application, and cast iron submersible electrical pumps.

Based in Wakefield, Mass., RuleStream ( products allows discrete manufacturers to respond to customer-specific product requirements more rapidly, accurately and efficiently. Its patent-pending software technology aggregates and manages intellectual property (IP) assets to automate complex decisions for all product-centric business operations. These include quote-to-cash/build-to-order processes, as well as variant design, new product development and contract engineering. This helps engineer-to-order firms increase their sales win rate, shorten lead times, and achieve better margins and higher customer satisfaction. Customers include business leaders like General Electric, Babcock & Wilcox, Fresno Valves & Castings, Interior Concepts, Lytron, CampbellRhea, S.A. Armstrong and other mid-sized companies in a range of industries.


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