Submersible Wastewater Pump Association releases 2002 shipment data

U.S. shipments of grinder pumps increased 12.6% in 2002, compared with 2000 .

HIGHLAND PARK, IL, March 10, 2003 -- U.S. shipments of grinder pumps increased 12.6% in 2002, compared with 2000 while shipments of solids-handling pumps decreased by 2.5% and shipments of dry pit submersible pumps increased 21.7% for the same period, according to the Submersible Wastewater Pump Association (SWPA).

The data comes from the Association's Statistical Reporting Program, which provides quarterly data on submersible wastewater pump shipments for municipal and industrial applications by type and size and semi-annual data on the destinations of those shipments.

For the purposes of its Shipment Reporting Program, the Association uses the following definitions of pump types and reports in the categories listed below:

GRINDER PUMP: A submersible pump incorporating a grinding mechanism to reduce sewage particulate and pump the resulting slurry from a residential/commercial structure to a collection system and divides them into two categories -- 2HP and below and above 2HP.

SOLIDS HANDLING PUMP: A pump capable of handling larger than 2-inch solid sphere (sphere size is defined as the maximum physical diameter of a non-deformable sphere than can pass through the pump without obstruction or interference of any kind from volute entry point to discharge port and categorizes them by discharge size -- 3-inch through larger than 12-inch. These pumps were formerly referred to as Non-Clog Pumps.

DRY PIT SUBMERSIBLE PUMP: A submersible pump (as defined above), originally developed for use in applications where the pump unit will be submerged in the pump liquid, being used in a dry well station where the wet well is separated from the dry pump chamber and categorizes them by discharge sizes -- 3-inch through larger than 12-inch.

SWPA is a national trade association representing and serving the manufacturers of submersible pumps for municipal and industrial wastewater applications. Founded in 1976, the association's primary focus is on industry guidelines, education and promotion.

SWPA's members are the industry's leaders: Regular members are manufacturers of pumps that can efficiently handle solids and grinder pumps. It is estimated that SWPA's member companies ship more than 80 percent of those products in the United States.

Associate members are manufacturers of component parts and accessory products for lift stations. They supply access covers, alternators, basins, cords/cables, control panels, electric motors, guide -rail systems, lift station accessories, phase converters, phase monitors, seals, valves, variable frequency drives and other components and parts to pump manufacturers and the aftermarket.

For more information about the association and its programs and activities, visit the SWPA Web Site at or contact: Charles G. Stolberg, Executive Director, Submersible Wastewater Pump Association, 1866 Sheridan Road, Suite 201, Highland Park, IL 60035-2545. Phone: 847.681.1868. FAX: 847.681.1869. E-mail:

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