MARS Co. moves to newly constructed facility

Floyd S. Salser, Jr. and Associates (DBA MARS Co.) announced its move into a newly constructed 33,500 square-foot facility at 3925 Southwest 13th Street in Ocala, Fla.

Ocala, Fla., Sept. 12, 2003 -- Floyd S. Salser, Jr. and Associates (DBA MARS Co.) announced its move into a newly constructed 33,500 square-foot facility at 3925 Southwest 13th Street in Ocala. The move more than doubles the size of the company's previous facilities at 3940 SE 45th Court.

"This new building is very important to our company since it gives us the ability to complete several projects and to perform several functions at one time," said owner Floyd S. Salser, Jr. "The building will house our engineering, fabrication and CAD design departments, as well as administration and accounting. Of the 33,500 square feet, 27,500 will be devoted to manufacturing.

"Our expansion will also help the greater Ocala Marion County community, since as our company grows into its new facility, we will produce a greater number of jobs. We hope our expansion will also help enhance the great Ocala area's reputation for clean industry. Finally, our eight-acre site will accommodate other operations in the future."

The project was assisted by a grant from the Ocala Marion County Chamber of Commerce and the Ocala /Marion County Economic Development Council.

New facility will contain one of few US metrology labs

"Our new facility will also contain a metrology lab - a special water meter testing laboratory designed and built to comply with the high standards of the International Organization of Legal Metrology," said Salser. "The facility will enable water utilities and water industry companies in the Southeast and beyond to enhance and protect their revenues by evaluating meters and settling disputes using a "certified" facility. There are few remaining such facilities in the United States, the best-known at the University of Utah. Because of this, we hope the presence of this kind of facility can help attract attention to the excellent climate for clean industry that exists in the greater Ocala Marion County area."

The lab will also be used as a platform to develop software for MARS customers. The company expects the metrology lab to be up and running by the end of September.

About MARS Company: a solid market niche in water industry

Floyd S. Salser, Jr. and Associates (DBA MARS Company) was founded in 1984. The company provides custom and off-the-shelf water meter testing systems and components for the water utility industry, as well as custom products and consulting services.

MARS Company began as a producer of high accuracy testing equipment and evolved into a manufacturing and consulting concern devoted to helping the modern water utility update and upgrade testing procedures and equipment in order to protect and enhance revenues.

Current products include a variety of water meter test benches for the meter shop and portable mobile testing units, many of which are fully computerized and networked using advanced software. Other products include data loggers and permanent instruments for automatic data collection from water meters, such as VHF radio reporting devices.

Other Mars Products include field testing equipment; industrial van-mounted meter testing platforms designed for heavy duty field use; innovative valve keys, valve lifters, water meter strainers, corrosion preventing zinc caps, valve locks, test spools, insert stiffeners, drill taps and flanges and the well-known Thrust Buster fire hose and hydrant safety device.

MARS products enable utilities to reclaim and protect revenues often lost to faulty or out of specification water metering equipment. Mars specializes in revenue protection products designed to help avoid water-use disputes while enhancing efficiency, safety, and manpower utilization. The acronym stands for: "Meters and Related Services."

For more information about MARS Company please call 352-694-7195, or access them at on the Internet.

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