Hydro releases design guide for rainwater recycling

CLEVEDON, UK, July 24, 2009 -- Hydro International has released its new Design Guide for their StormBank and StormBank Pro systems...

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CLEVEDON, UK, July 24, 2009 -- Rainwater harvesting and re-use is an increasingly important topic for public bodies, commercial enterprises and householders alike, and Hydro International's extensive experience in rainwater recycling and control is reflected in its new Design Guide for their StormBank® and StormBank® Pro systems.

Recycling rainwater for non-potable use in toilet flushing, vehicle washing, garden or yard watering could provide up to 50% of daily household needs, and 30 to 40% of commercial or office requirements. Payback on reduced mains water usage charges can be within a few years, especially for commercial systems. Rainwater recycling also helps reduce flood risk as it slows the discharge of rainwater to drainage.

The Hydro StormBank® Design Guide explores the issues behind recycling, including the shortage of water in the UK, climate change and the Save The Rain™ campaign initiative with its objective of making rainwater harvesting compulsory on all new build in the UK.

The StormBank® Design Guide gives information on potential water usage, rainfall and system sizing, looks at siting and installing the tank and connection to the building plumbing; it also covers garden and outdoor only usage guidelines, as well as commercial systems. The guide gives the user full hands-on guidance on the operation of the system, and the minimal maintenance requirements.

Hydro International, which has offices in the UK, USA and Ireland, provides cost-effective solutions for controlling the quantity and improving the quality of water, without power or moving parts, and with minimal maintenance.


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